Over the course of his 5-year stay in Suzhou, China, MaxTour’s founder and owner Matthew Meier came across something that didn’t quite add up. As an avid traveler, Matthew’s circle of friends mainly consisted of fellow nomads who loved traveling around the world. But most of them were returning from trips to the United States disappointed. This seemed strange, seeing as how the U.S. tourism industry generally offers a high level of customer service and infrastructure.


Matthew decided to do his own research, and he was dismayed at what he found out about the state of the Chinese tour industry in the U.S. First and foremost, Chinese tourists would look for Chinese language tour services. This in itself reduced their options to a very small number of tour providers. These Chinese language tour providers weren’t offering the quality of customer service that is otherwise common in the U.S. What they were offering were rock-bottom prices, which in turn meant bare-bones facilities, low-end hotels and restaurants, under-qualified guides and drivers, and impersonal tours with excessively large groups. 


Chinese travelers looking to avoid these issues had to resort to independent travel, which had its own downsides – language barriers, difficulty choosing hotels and restaurants, and a general sense of discomfort thanks to unfamiliar local culture and customs. 


These problems made Matthew think. He knew how much the United States offered as a travel destination.  He wanted his Chinese friends and other Chinese travelers to have a great time when they visited America.  So he took matters into his own hands and started MaxTour. Launched in December 2016 in Las Vegas, MaxTour aims to give Chinese travelers authentic tours of the American Southwest with the comfort of their own language. MaxTour combines a high level of service, with the ease of group travel and the freedom of a self-driving road trip, thus ensuring comfort, adventure, and nothing but good memories for our guests.