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Are You Looking for the Best Las Vegas to Hoover Dam Tour?

The Hoover Dam is one of the most popular destinations to visit from Las Vegas. In less than 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, you can walk across the tallest dam in the United States.
There are dozens of options to go from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam. You can visit the Hoover Dam independently or as part of one of our highly rated tours.
Enjoy direct hotel pickup, a walk across the dam, and bonus stops chosen by your tour guide on all of our Hoover Dam Tours from Las Vegas.

The Best Hoover Dam Tours from Las Vegas

See the Hoover Dam on a Grand Canyon Tour

Many Hoover Dam Tours from Las Vegas will combine a trip to Hoover Dam with a Grand Canyon Tour. We offer 3 such tours, with the lowest dam tour starting at $169, to $259 for a two-day tour that includes a sunset over the Grand Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyon, and a stop at the Hoover Dam.
Most companies that advertise a stop at the Hoover Dam on the way to the Grand Canyon won’t take you to the Hoover Dam. Instead, you will visit the Bridge overlook, which offers a pleasant view of the dam however this can leave a lot to be desired if you were planning on experiencing the dam.

What Do Our Hoover Dam Tours from Las Vegas Involve?

On a Hoover Dam tour with MaxTour, you will get to drive across AND walk across the top of the dam. Nothing gives you a sense of the enormous scale of the dam like sticking your head over the edge and peering down the face of the dam. You will also get to capture an iconic Hoover Dam photo while on the tour.

Looking for more? Our newest tour includes a visit to the inside of the dam with a powerplant tour and visitor's center tour. 
Get an up-close view of the emergency spillway, the intake towers, Lake Mead, and the state line between Arizona and Nevada. There are countless opportunities for epic photos of both the dam and Lake Mead. Don't miss these plus other things to do at Hoover Dam
Las Vegas Sign on the way to the Hoover Dam Tour

What Do Our Hoover Dam Tours Include?

All of our Hoover Dam tours include pickup from your Las Vegas Strip hotel, photo stops at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, a bonus stop to search for bighorn sheep, a walk across the dam, and a walk on the Memorial Bridge.

What's to See on The Best Tours of Hoover Dam from Las Vegas?

Face Of The Dam

Stare directly down 726 feet of concrete as you peer over the edge and down the face of the dam.
Welcome To Arizona Sign

Nevada/Arizona Stateline

Stand in both Arizona and Nevada at the same time at this marker on the Stateline.

Lake Mead

The largest man-made lake in the US provides a beautiful oasis in the desert.

Emergency Spillways

Each of 2 spillways can discharge more water than Niagara Falls When Open

Intake Towers

4 massive towers stick up out of Lake Mead, feeding water to the power plant below.

Memorial Bridge

A Massive Arch bridge that spans Black Canyon with sweeping views of the dam.

Why Visit The Hoover Dam?

The Hoover Dam is one of the most impressive engineering marvels of the 20th century. At 726 feet tall, this concrete arch-gravity dam was the tallest dam in the world when it was finished in 1935 and is still the second tallest dam in the United States. Behind the dam lies Lake Mead, a massive reservoir that covers 157,900 acres and is the largest reservoir in the United States. The mixture of a man-made concrete wonder, the rugged beauty of Black Canyon, the barren Nevada desert, and the shimmering water of Lake Mead make for striking scenery. There is a lot to see when you visit the dam, we will pack a lot of sights into the 80 minutes spent there. Here is what to expect on a typical tour.

The Trip from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam

All of our tours to the Hoover Dam will start with an early morning pickup. Don’t worry about being left behind, your tour guide will contact you the day before your tour to arrange your pickup. No need to scramble for taxis or Ubers, if you are staying on the Strip or Downtown, we will pick you up directly from your hotel.

How Long Does It Take to Get to The Hoover Dam?

All of our tours that go from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam will make some fun stops along the way. It takes 45 minutes and 37 miles to reach the Hoover Dam from the Las Vegas strip. We always stop for photos at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign to get your tour off to a good start.
Depending on your tour, you may also stop at Seven Magic Mountains. Drive through the second largest city in Nevada, Henderson, as you make your way towards the dam. Watch as the city slowly fades and gives way to the expansive Mojave desert. Pass through the historic town of Boulder City. Boulder City was the home of the brave workers who constructed the dam. Leaving Boulder City and entering the desert again, your tour guide will be on the lookout for bighorn sheep that are found in this region. We will make a quick stop at a local park with views overlooking Lake Mead.
Once you have arrived for your Hoover Dam Tour and cleared security, your tour guide will slowly drive across the dam to the far side, where you will get out for some stunning photo opportunities of both the back of the dam and Lake Mead. From here take a walking tour across the dam, getting a firsthand view of the modern engineering marvel and American landmark.

What About a Hoover Dam Power Plant Tour?

Hoover Dam Power Plant Tours are a must for any fan of engineering or history. To see the Hoover Dam with MaxTour, join our fantastic All-In-One Hoover Dam tour.  This tour shows you more of the Hoover dam than any other Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas. See the face of the dam from the second highest bridge in the United States. Take a guided walk across the top of the dam with you knowledgeable and friendly tour guide. Take an elevator to the bottom of the dam on your included guided power plant tour of the generators room. Back on top, walk through the visitors center to learn about the building of the dam. Lastly, visit the fascinating Hoover Dam museum in historic Boulder City. If you want to see and learn everything you can about the Hoover Dam, this tour is for you!

Why Take a Small Group To The Hoover Dam?

There are dozens of ways to tour the Hoover Dam, from renting a car and driving to joining a kayak tour to see it from the bottom. One of the most common ways is to join a bus tour. All in all, these bus tours are not a terrible way to see the Hoover Dam. There are better options though, like small group tours. With a small group tour you will get picked up directly at your Las Vegas strip hotel. A bus that holds 60 people isn't going to be able to stop and pick everyone up, no matter what they say. On a small group tour, you will see more! Loading and unloading the tour takes just a moment, which allows your tour guide to make quick stops for everyone to get our and check something out, grab a few photos, then jump back in the tour van. All of our tours are small group tours, take a look at some of our Small Group Hoover Dam Tours here!

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