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How to Visit Bryce Canyon 

Last Update on November 08, 2022
by Maxtour
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With a variety of amphitheaters, whimsical limestone rock formations, and eye-catching spires stretching for miles, Bryce Canyon National Park is certainly a sight to behold. 

The towering viewpoints in Bryce offer about 150 miles of visibility on a clear day and present optimal conditions for dreamy stargazing and constellation spotting. The park is famous for hosting the most hoodoos worldwide, and its entrancing landscape attracts thousands of curious visitors each year. 

If you’re one of the intrigued travelers wanting to explore this breathtaking location for yourself, we’ve compiled some of our top tips on how best to visit Bryce Canyon! 

Arriving in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is rather tucked away in the middle of nowhere–its isolation from the noise and pollution of the cities makes for clear skies and fresh air, but it can be quite a long trip from nearby locations. We recommend planning your journey so that you reach the park early and have enough light to safely drive down its long, winding roads. 

You won’t have to plan your journey if you take a MaxTour Bryce Canyon tour, or even a Zion Canyon tour, which also covers Bryce Canyon. Our experienced guides know the best times and insider tips to visit Bryce Canyon, so you’re sure to have an amazing time. 

If you’re not opting for a guided tour, the easiest way to get around Bryce Canyon National Park is by car or shuttle–from April to late October, the park has a free shuttle system to transport tourists. At any other time of the year, you will either have to bring your car or rent one.

Where to Stay at Bryce Canyon

If you want to stay in the park, only one lodging option is available–the Bryce Canyon Lodge. There are several campgrounds available, and facilities are usually great during peak tourist seasons. You can also stop at one of the many highly-rated hotels in the town of Bryce, which is just a few miles away from the park. 

Tips for the Best Experience When Visiting Bryce Canyon

To help you make the most of your visit, here are some insider travel tips that will help elevate your visiting experience. 

Arrive Early

We recommend getting there as early as possible if you want to explore Bryce in all its natural glory. This will help you avoid a lot of tourist traffic on the trails and secure your spots for some of the most gorgeous sunrise views you will ever see. 

The park is also tranquil in the early hours of the day, so you can explore the region peacefully to your heart’s content. While trudging out of bed that early may not feel so great initially, we promise the views make it worth it. 

Visit Between May and September

Although the park is open twenty-four hours a day year-round, the best time to visit Bryce is from May through September. These are the region's warmest months and peak tourist times, meaning exciting activities and guided tours are easily available (although a bit pricier). 

However, visiting from October to April also has its pros–the temperatures are cooler, the area is generally less crowded, and there’s always a stunning array of wildflowers and fall foliage to enjoy. However, some campgrounds and roads may be closed or operate on reduced hours from October through May, so be sure to check before finalizing your trip. 

Snag a Spot at Inspiration Point for the Best Photos

If you wish to capture some gorgeous landscape shots during your visit, we recommend finding a good spot at the crack of dawn. Sunrise in Bryce is breathtaking to witness, with the scenic landscape being washed in the soft, warm glow of the morning sun. 

Try and snag a spot at Inspiration Point or Bryce Point for unparalleled panoramic views of the park. 

Find Ways to Save Money

Traveling can be heavy on the pocket, but there are some ways you can cut back on the costs and still have an incredible experience at Bryce. For instance, you can schedule your visit on a day when entrance is free–this is primarily on major holidays, Veterans Day in November, and Martin Luther King Day in January. You should also consider bringing your own picnic meal and staying at the park’s campgrounds to cut back on lodging and food costs. 

Of course, for the most hassle-free, relaxing, and professionally-guided Bryce Canyon tours, MaxTour is the way to go. We’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing and have the best sightseeing tour possible at every stop along the way!

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