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Is Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon More Popular?

Last Update on July 18, 2022
by Maxtour
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Upper Antelope Canyon is busier than Lower Antelope because it offers fewer tours, and fewer tours means tourists flock whenever an opening occurs, especially for those booking Antelope canyon tours from Las Vegas and other surrounding towns. Moreover, Upper Antelope provides more spectacular views as sunbeams bounce off the canyon walls. In this article, we will look at the differences between the two to help you decide which one to visit.

Upper Antelope Canyon Tour

Upper Canyon tours tend to sell out quickly because they are rare. They provide the opportunity to view the canyon from a different perspective.

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

Lower Antelope Canyon appeals to people of all ages because the entrance is at the bottom of the canyon. This contrasts with tours of the Upper Canyon, which requires tourists to climb stairs.

Canyon X Tour

This tour is less popular than the Upper and Lower Canyon tours, but it's a worthwhile experience if Antelope Canyon is sold out as it involves touring a nice slot canyon. You can sometimes enjoy the light beams from this spot when you plan your trip to coincide with the right time of day and year.

Differences Between Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon

The difference between the two parts of the canyon is well established—it’s even reflected in what the Navajo call Antelope Canyon. The most significant detail separating the two canyons is size–Upper Antelope Canyon is more expansive at the top and becomes narrower as you near the bottom, which results in the formation's iconic beams of light. Lower Antelope Canyon is narrower and shaped like a V.

For those who aren't afraid of a bit of adventure, the Upper Antelope Canyon is easier to walk—it's not uncommon to dodge a few obstacles as you walk through the lower canyon.

Upper Antelope Canyon Tours

Currently, four tours are offered in Upper Antelope Canyon to cater to different tourist needs. Tour companies advise tourists to arrive at least one hour in advance or risk tour cancellation.

The prices range from $90 to $120 per person based on the tour company and package you choose.

Should You Visit Upper Antelope Canyon at Primetime?

Primetime is when the beautiful sunbeams reflect off the canyon walls. The iconic light beams can be partly attributed to making Upper Antelope Canyon famous. If this is one of the items on your bucket list, it’s worth paying extra for a primetime tour.

However, a lot of people are also looking for the same experience, so it's not uncommon for the canyon to be crowded at these times.

Lower Canyon Tours

As of now, only two tour companies cater to the Lower Canyon. There are no photography tours on offer on Lower Canyon tours, and both tour companies charge $50 per adult and $30 for children. 


If you're planning a trip to Antelope Canyon and wondering which part of the canyon to visit, you need to weigh the visual experience against possible crowding. If you want to experience either canyon with more privacy, consider visiting outside of peak hours.

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