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All Your Questions Answered about Visiting Seven Magic Mountains

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Seven Magic Mountains is quickly becoming a can’t-miss stop for any photographer, social media fan, or just people looking to escape the strip and experience the desert. There is a lot of misinformation online about Seven Magic. We go there daily on our Seven Magic Mountains Tour and want to share some of what we have learned. Read on to have all your questions answered about visiting Seven Magic Mountains.

Is Seven Magic Mountains Open?

Yes, Seven Magic Mountains is fully open. It is open 24 hours a day, and will be open until at least the end of 2027.

Are The Seven Magic Mountains Still There?

Yes, as of 2022, they are still there. They will be there until May of 2027.

Will Seven Magic Mountains Close Soon?

No, Seven Magic Mountains won't close soon. The lease for the land expires in May 2027.

What Are The Colored Rocks Outside Of Vegas?

The colored rocks outside of Vegas are the Seven Magic Mountains. They are a land art installation in the middle of the Mojave desert, seven towers of locally sourced, quarried limestone boulders, painted brightly to contrast against the drab desert backdrop. 

Where is Seven Magic Mountains?

Seven Magic Mountains is located 22 miles South of the Las Vegas Strip. 

Can you go to Seven Magic Mountains at Night?

Yes, you can go to Seven Magic Mountains at night. It is open to the public 24 hours a day. 

Do you have to pay to see the Seven Magic Mountains?

You don’t have to pay.  It is free to visit Seven Magic Mountains. As a piece of public land art, admission and parking are both free to all visitors. 

What does Seven Magic Mountains Mean?

The meaning of art is in the eye of the beholder, however, the artist wanted to express the relationship between the artificial, the steady flow of traffic on I-15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and the natural, vastness of the Mojave desert. 

Who created Seven Magic Mountains

Renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone created Seven Magic Mountains. He worked in partnership with the Art Production fund and the Nevada Museum of Art.

How Much Did Seven Magic Mountains Cost?

The total cost of the project was $3.5 million. Private donors donated most of the funds, the largest being the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. 

How was Seven Magic Mountains Built?

The artist, Ugo Rondinone, worked together with a local construction company to find giant limestone boulders that fit the exact shape Ugo was looking for. After that, they painted them, stacked them, and they were ready for viewing! See more about how it was built here:

When is the Seven Magic Mountains Closing Date? 

As of now, the closing date is set for Dec. 31st, 2021. This is expected to change though, as plans are being made to extend the project until 2026. 

Can you Uber to Seven Magic Mountains?

Yes! This is actually one of the best ways to get out and see it. There is not any public transportation to get there. Renting a car or taking an Uber are the best bets. Alternatively, check out Seven Magic Mountains along with the Grand Canyon on a full day tour. 

How Far is Seven Magic Mountains from the Las Vegas Strip?

It is 22 miles from the center of the strip out to the Seven Magic Mountains parking lot. 

What is the Best Time To Visit Seven Magic Mountains?

The best time to visit Seven Magic Mountains is in the morning. The angled light in the morning makes for stellar photos, the crowds are thin in the morning, and you avoid the heat. Note that in the late fall, winter, and early spring it can be cold in the morning, grab your jacket!

Are The Seven Magic Mountains Worth It?

A trip out to Seven Magic Mountains is well worth it! Entrance is free, it is only 25 minutes from the Las Vegas strip; the photos are stunning, and it is a great way to experience the magic of the Mojave desert. 

How Much Walking is Involved to Visit The Seven Magic Mountains?

There isn’t much walking involved at all! It is 500 feet from the parking lot out to the art, all along a flat dirt path.

Is Seven Magic Mountains handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, Seven Magic Mountains is not handicap accessible. The path leading out to the structures is entirely made of dirt. 

Are Seven Magic Mountains In California?

No, they are not in California; they are in Nevada. They are only 18 miles from the California border though!

Is Seven Magic Mountains on the Way to the Grand Canyon?

Seven Magic Mountains is not on the way to the Grand Canyon. It isn’t too far out of the way though, so we included it on our Grand Canyon West, Hoover Dam, Seven Magic Mountains Day Tour.

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How Long Should We Plan on Spending at Seven Magic Mountains?

On our tours we allot 30 minutes, and you probably wouldn't want to spend more than 1 hour at Seven Magic Mountains. 

Are There Bathrooms at Seven Magic Mountains?

Unfortunately, there are not any restrooms at Seven Magic Mountains. 

How Much is the Seven Magic Mountains Entrance Fee? 

There is no entrance fee to Seven Magic Mountains, it is totally free. 

Is Seven Magic Mountains Dog Friendly?

Yes, Seven Magic Mountains is dog friendly. As long as you keep your dog on a leash, you are good to go. Make sure you bring him some water and be careful of hot sand and rocks in summer!

Is there a Shuttle to Seven Magic Mountains?

There are not any shuttles, buses, or public transportation to Seven Magic Mountains. The best way to get there is via rental car, rideshare, or taking a tour. 

Is Seven Magic Mountains On The Way To The Hoover Dam?

Seven Magic Mountains is not on the way to the Hoover Dam, but it isn't too far out of the way, so we paired it with our Hoover Dam Walk On Top Tour w/ Seven Magic Mountains. You can see more about our different Hoover Dam Tours here.

Is 7 Magic mountains a hike?

7 magic mountains is not a hike. You need to walk about 1 minute from the parking lot to view the rocks. You can walk out into the desert to explore a bit, but there are not any hiking trails at 7 magic mountains.

Are there snakes in Seven Magic Mountains?

There are signs that warn about snakes at Seven Magic Mountains. Watch your step if wandering out into the desert, but we have not seen many snakes in the area on our daily tours.

Are the colored rocks still in Vegas?

Yes, the colored rocks are still in Las Vegas. They have been extended to the end of 2027.

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