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Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

Last Update on August 11, 2022
by Maxtour
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Are you planning a trip to Arizona’s stunning natural wonders? Arizona is home to the most breathtaking canyons–and the only slot canyons– in the United States. One such place is Lower Antelope Canyon, located just outside the city of Page.  

Lower Antelope Canyon is not only one of the most well-known slot canyons in the southwestern United States but on the entire planet. But, what is a slot canyon? Slot canyons are tall and narrow gorges or drainage pathways that form within soft sedimentary or sandstone walls through the process of erosion. 

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing and of geological interest, Lower Antelope Canyon also has spiritual significance to the Navajo Native American tribe.

So, what are you waiting to experience the beauty of this unique natural wonder? Check out this guide and learn all you need to know about the Lower Canyon Tour.

What To Expect on a Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

While the hike leading up to the Lower Antelope Canyon is a trip that virtually anyone can do, tour-goers must be prepared for the intense heat, limited shade, and sometimes rough terrain they will have to traverse during their walk. 

The Lower Antelope Canyon Tour is a one-way journey (there is a separate exit that goes out the back of the canyon) and requires participants to walk approximately one mile from start to finish.

Tours that take individuals into the actual slot portion of the canyon are best suited for the adventurer due to its positioning underground and extreme length. The canyon is located approximately 300 feet beneath the ground. It measures an estimated 600 yards in length -- the equivalent of six football fields. 

The Lower Antelope Canyon Tour is ideal for individuals looking for a more physically demanding adventure with some cross-training elements in a natural environment. Adventurous visitors who decide to venture into the slot portion of the canyon during their tour often appreciate the experience of navigating a series of five staircases encompassing 130 stairs as they descend into the Lower Antelope Canyon down below. 

Once inside, tour participants will have to traverse large rocks, sandy ground, and other natural wonders as they explore the canyon.

If you are scared of stairs, simply looking to witness the geological occurrences or to experience these Navajo spiritual grounds from above, the Upper Antelope Canyon may be a better choice for you.  

Why Fewer Visitors Take the Lower Antelope Canyon Tour?

Despite its breathtaking beauty, the Lower Antelope Canyon is less frequently visited by tourists compared to the Upper Antelope Canyon or Antelope Canyon X. The reason for this has nothing to do with it being of inferior appeal. The truth is Lower Antelope Canyon is a bit more challenging to access. 

Those fortunate enough to take the Lower Antelope Canyon tour are in for a treat. 

Some of the more notable formations you won't want to miss while touring the Lower Antelope Canyon are the "V" formation opening up above. Guides also typically point out other astounding rock formations with bold nicknames such as "The Eagle" and "The Lion." Even one area of the canyon was nicknamed as a nod to the Navajo Native American storytelling tradition. It is called "The Wave and the Lady in the Wind." 

These areas of the Lower Antelope Canyon are some of the most frequently photographed. Be sure to bring your best camera so you can preserve the memory of these natural wonders for a lifetime.

Taking Part in a Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

Excursions like the Antelope Slot Canyon Tour often make it on individuals' bucket lists of must-do activities. The abundance of the most picturesque natural wonders like these leads tourists to flock in droves to this Navajo Nation in Arizona to catch a glimpse of these masterpieces. 

Visitors’ interest in taking a Lower Antelope Canyon Tour has grown over the years. Everyone should take part in a tour group to visit this beautiful site. All registered tour guides are well-versed in protecting your health and safety when visiting areas like these. 

Check out the website of the tour for more information and to reserve your spot in  Lower Antelope Canyon Tour. Don't miss the experience of his breathtaking natural wonder and Navajo spiritual grounds.

How to access a Lower Antelope Canyon Tour?

To join a tour, you need to make your way to Page, AZ. While this isn't always a cheap option, there are a few ways to get to Page to see the world-famous Antelope Canyon. Flying into Las Vegas and joining one of our highly rated Antelope Canyon tours from Las Vegas is going to be the most hassle-free option, but to save money, you can also rent a car and drive out there yourself from Phoenix, Flagstaff, or Las Vegas. Make sure to book your Lower Antelope Canyon tickets early as they do sell out quickly.



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