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Luxury Bus Tour from Vegas to the Grand Canyon

Last Update on October 23, 2022
by Maxtour
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Whether you’re touring the stunning American Southwest or are seeking a break from the lights of Las Vegas, a luxury bus tour to the Grand Canyon is a must. You and your group can enjoy a specialized tour from Vegas to the Grand Canyon in a small-group atmosphere. Smaller tours give you an individualized and comfortable experience and take the stress of planning and organizing off of your plate. 

We recommend Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas booked with MaxTour–we’ll provide comprehensive itineraries, transparent pricing, and the perfect trip for photographers, hikers, and travel fanatics alike.

We know that finding Grand Canyon Arizona tours that check all of your boxes can be tricky. If you’re traveling in a group with various interests, it can be hard to balance and juggle everyone’s needs and hopes for the trip. MaxTour offers multiple Grand Canyon itineraries that allow you to personalize preferences and satisfy everyone on your trip. Whether you only have time for a day trip or are looking for a weekend getaway, MaxTour has what you need!

What Will a Luxury Bus Tour Include?

When considering Grand Canyon tour packages from Las Vegas, spend some time looking at the details so you get what you truly want. Here are highlights from some truly memorable options:

An Unforgettable Two-Day Grand Canyon Antelope Canyon Tour

Our favorite luxury bus tour is the Two-Day Grand Canyon Antelope Canyon Tour. This tour is perfect for families and small groups, although it is recommended that family members be five years or older. The maximum number of people for this tour is fourteen, which means you’ll have a personalized experience truly catered to your group and won’t feel lost in a sea of other tourists.

This package includes pickup directly from your Las Vegas hotel and takes you to gorgeous area attractions including the Grand Canyon National Park, Hoover Dam, Horseshoe Bend, and the Lower Antelope Canyon. These sights are guaranteed to give you perfect shots for Instagram and create unforgettable memories. The tour includes bonus stops and in-transit amenities, such as USB charging ports and all the snacks and drinks you could want!

Perks of this tour also include Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend entrance fees, door-to-door service, and a night in a top-rated hotel room. While other tours will pack you into a tight bus and rush you through tour destinations, an overnight trip allows you to rest when you need it, enjoy multiple destinations, and take in all the Grand Canyon has to offer without rushing.

Marvelous Sights on a One-Day Antelope Canyon Tour

Just looking at the stunning photographs on the MaxTour website that other tourists have posted is enough to make you call all of your friends and book this tour today. Like the tour listed above, this one is perfect for all people over the age of five years. The driver picks your group up at 7:00 AM from the Paris Las Vegas North Door, a location that is convenient and central to major hotels and resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. Many  other tours depart as early as 3:00, so a 7:00 AM pickup is a major advantage for those who want a little extra sleep and to grab a coffee before departure.

Sacrifice nothing in terms of luxury on this one-day trip. Similar to the two-day tour, a one-day package includes a luxury van that can accommodate groups of up to fourteen people, stocked with unlimited drinks and snacks–this is the way to go to have an experience catered to you and your family. Antelope Canyon entry fees, as well as breakfast and lunch, are included. Do you have any vegetarians in your group or other dietary restrictions? No worries. Check with your guide before your date of departure and they’ll set you up with the provisions you need. 

You also won’t sacrifice time spent at any of these beautiful sights. This tour offers more time at Horseshoe Bend than other comparable tours, and guarantees you exclusive entrance to the Lower Antelope Canyon—a sight not offered on most tours. You will enjoy a tour led by a local Antelope Canyon Navajo guide and be swept away by the views from the Lake Powell Wahweap Overlook–all that and back to your pick-up point at Paris Las Vegas by 9:30 PM.

In Summary

When booking any bus tour, most people expect to be crammed onto a hot, crowded bus with a bunch of strangers. The tours offered by MaxTour leave those worries in the rearview mirror. Whether you only have one day available or are ready for a weekend getaway, these luxury bus tours from Vegas to the Grand Canyon have everything you want. Hiking and sightseeing have never been so easy, which makes our luxury bus tour a necessity on your next trip to the Southwest!



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