Every year Vegas gets thousands of travelers from all around the world not to see the strip, but to see the world-famous natural sites around Vegas, like the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. The natural side of the American Southwest is something any traveler and explorer would go crazy about. What most travelers don’t realize,

We can find some of the best dining establishments in Las Vegas in Chinatown. Although there has been a recent uptick in restaurants that specialize in cuisines outside of the Chinese category, today, I would like to introduce you to the best Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas’s Chinatown for 2020. I lived in China for

Live It Up Early Bird Style in Las Vegas Not everyone who goes to Las Vegas is a crazed, late-night party animal, and not everyone comes here for the shows, either. Many people can’t help but be boring early morning risers. But does generally being boring necessarily mean that we have to be bored while

Antelope Canyon weather can vary throughout the year; thick snows conceal the winter ground and scorching desert heat saddles the summer air. While Antelope Canyon is beautiful year-round, there are some things to consider about its weather before you plan your trip. Rain at Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyon is located just outside the city of

Williams, Arizona is a lovely town in the Coconino National Forest.  Also known as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon”, Williams is a town where many Grand Canyon visitors find themselves at some point.  As visitors stroll through the pretty Williams streets, they will notice dozens of eateries enticing them with local delicacies. But how

This post has been update in 2020 to reflect the canceling of photo tours at Upper Antelope Canyon.   Antelope Canyon is a magical place. This slot canyon in northern Arizona is situated on land owned by the Navajo Nation. It’s divided into two sections: Lower Antelope Canyon and Upper Antelope Canyon. The two sections