The Most Passionate NFL Fans in America Click image to enlarge Notes on our data collection Web Presence: Teams were ranked 1-32 in 5 categories: Number of Instagram followers, number of Twitter followers, subscribers to their subreddit, Facebook pages likes, and results when searching the teams name in Google. All 5 scores were added, and

How Long is the Hike To Antelope Canyon? They classify Antelope Canyon as a slot canyon and is the most famous slot canyon in the world.    To get through a slot canyon, you are going to have to do some hiking. For the less fit among us that want to visit Antelope Canyon, this

Our Favorite Chinese Restaurants in Las Vegas Chinatown for 2021 We can find some of the best dining establishments in Las Vegas in Chinatown. Although there has been a recent uptick in restaurants that specialize in cuisines outside of the Chinese category, today, I would like to introduce you to the best Chinese restaurants in

Why You Need To Visit Seven Magic Mountains Seven Magic Mountains is a beautiful land art project in the middle of the Mojave desert. As it gets more popular and pops up on more and more social media feeds, visitors to Las Vegas wonder if they should visit 7 Magic Mountains. The answer is yes

Why is Circus Circus Las Vegas So Cheap? (Read before booking) Searching for a cheap hotel room in Las Vegas? Then you have probably come across the Circus Circus Hotel, Casino, and Theme Park. Being the cheapest major hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, Circus Circus is a tempting option for travelers who want to

What To Wear On A Trip To The Grand Canyon What should you wear on a trip to the Grand Canyon? Most visitors to the Grand Canyon will come from a dry desert climate, from Las Vegas, Phoenix, or such.  While the Grand Canyon may be geographically close to these cities, climate-wise it is different.