A hike through Lower Antelope Canyon is high on the bucket list of travelholics the world over. While the scenery inside the Canyon is unmatched, the hiking portion of the visit can be intimidating.  Foremost on the minds of most visitors: The stairs. There are many differences between Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon, however, they

Can You Do Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon In One Day? The Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon are two must visit destinations for any traveler to Las Vegas and the American Southwest. The thing about traveling the American Southwest is that the distances are vast. To get to Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas is 5

“What is the best hotel in Las Vegas?” This is a question we have gotten from many guests but never had a suitable answer. While we were shutdown in 2020 we took it upon ourselves to find out. This study is the result. Click image to enlarge Share this Image On Your Site Please include

Antelope Canyon is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Arizona and the American West. Unlike the major National Parks like the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, there are hard caps on the amount of guests that can enter Antelope Canyon every day.  All guests need a ticket, and tickets can sell

Resort fees have become ubiquitous along the Las Vegas Strip, with every major hotel and resort charging a resort fee. The highest among these charges over $50 a night for their resort fee.   We, along with everyone else, absolutely hate resort fees. They are deceptive, a bad business practice, and an ugly stain on our

West Rim vs. South Rim of the Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon is the second most popular National Park in the United States and its physical area is massive, larger that the entire state of Rhode Island, or 3 times bigger than Singapore. Most of the area inside the Grand Canyon is inaccessible by car,