Our Mission

We are on a mission to create memories for our guests that will last a lifetime. To achieve this, we aim to maximize comfort, convenience, and care. We believe the best examples of customer service come from those who treat their guests like family – with an extra measure of patience!


-Matthew Meier, MaxTour Founder/Director

Our Vison

Making travel worry-free and enjoyable.

We are, and will always be, travelers at heart.

This is why we find and deliver the best sights, culture, and activities the southwest has to offer – along with the freedom to enjoy them.

We offer personalized and high-quality tours at affordable prices through the comfort of your own language.

Our Story

MaxTour officially began operations in 2016, but the story dates back a few more years. From Suzhou, China to the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, read about the journey by clicking below. 

Meet the Team


Chinese/English Tour Guide

Matthew grew up in a small town in Northern California and graduated from The University of California, San Diego. An avid traveler, he has spent 5 years studying, living and working in Suzhou, China. After leading tours in various parts of the world, he returned to the U.S. and founded MaxTour, a service that would help Chinese travelers discover and explore the American Southwest. When Matthew isn’t leading a tour, chances are he’ll be studying Chinese, playing with his son, or unwinding with a good book.


Communications Director

Tang Yan hails from Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, and has spent 10 years in the Chinese tourism industry, many of them as a tour guide in Suzhou. In the U.S., she has guided tours and managed operations for a Las Vegas tour company. She brings her love for travel and her experience from both parts of the world into her role as communications director here at MaxTour. When she isn’t busy planning perfect tours for our guests, Tang Yan can be found drawing or baking treats in the kitchen.


Chinese/English Tour Guide

Kane comes to MaxTour by way of Hainan, China.  For more than 8 years Kane soaked up the tropical rays as well as the Chinese language during his time on Hainan.  Recently resettled back in his hometown Las Vegas, Kane is a valuable member of our team here at MaxTour.  He has quickly been winning over guests with his Chinese language skills, fun facts, and attention to detail.  Kane is always on the hunt for new locations to help his guests go home with the perfect photo.   When he is not studying or guiding guests, Kane loves building PCs, studying for the HSK 6, and spending time with his family.


English Tour Guide

A longtime resident of Las Vegas, David brings vast experience and knowledge to the team at MaxTour. His smooth hand behind the wheel coupled with his knowledge for the area makes him popular with our guests looking to visit Antelope Canyon in one day from Las Vegas. David’s favorite destinations around Las Vegas include Valley of the Fire State Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and Death Valley. When he is not showing his guests the beautiful slot canyons of the Arizona desert, he enjoys spending time with his family, grinding at the poker table, and checking out new restaurants in his neighborhood.


Chinese/English Tour Guide

Julie comes from the midwest and brings a vast knowledge of American National Parks and international travel to her role at MaxTour. Her 8 years living in Taiwan allowed her to soak in so much of the language and culture of that beatitiful island. Here in the US, Julie has traveled to over 30 of the 56 national parks and has plans to see them all one day.  For now she enjoys exporing all the natural wonders around Las Vegas.


Chinese/English Tour Guide

The newest member of our team, and originally from the east coast, Michael spent three years in the city of Guangzhou in Guangdong province. When he wasn’t eating dim sum you’d likely find him at a local coffee shop working diligently to rapidly improve his Mandarin. Michael has more than eight years of experience in customer service and business operations and uses these skills for the betterment of your experience with MaxTour.


Though we are a small company, we believe this to be our primary advantage. Being small lets us focus on creating, experimenting, and refining our product: serving you the beauty of the natural world. This kind of hands-on approach drives MaxTour and distinguishes us from other tour agencies. As we grow, we vow to never lose sight of the details that define remarkable tours and tailor-made service.

What makes our tours great?

Photography Services

Make memories and take them with you!

  • MaxTour takes you to amazing photo locations, and we’re always scouting for new and scenic destinations to add to the list.
  • Don’t see yourself as a photographer? Never get great photos with you in them?  No problem! We encourage you to let us help you take them!

Hotel Pick up and Drop Off

You’re on holiday, let us do the legwork!

  • Don’t worry about coordinating meet-ups and taking an early morning Taxi to meet us.
  • We’ll pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the end of your tour.

A Few Extras

Little things to make your tour even better!

  • It’s the details that count!
  • Snacks and drinks – planned for the entire duration of your tour
  • Breakfast – to get early morning tours off to a great start
  • WiFi and Charging Ports – available in all our vehicles to help you stay online and connected

Hear It From Our Guests

OMG I can't believe this tour is so good!!!

This is the best tour we have ever had. Despite the short duration of the tour (2 days), we managed to visit so many spots and spent ample amount of time in each spot, thanks to Matthew’s organizations and experiences. Not only is Matthew knowledgeable and experienced in what he does, but more importantly he is friendly and courteous and above all he CARES about his customers. The ride is comfortable and most of all safe. Overall, this trip is worthy every penny. If you are thinking of visiting the spots covered in this tour, we definitely recommend Matthew and MaxTour and are confident you will not regret.