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Grand Canyon Tours: The Best Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas

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Are You Looking for the Best Grand Canyon Tours?

Our canyon tours all feature direct hotel pickup and drop off from your Las Vegas strip hotel, including early morning breakfast, fantastic service, and safe and steady tour guides that will help ensure a fun canyon tour.

We are a locally owned and operated tour company in Las Vegas that offers Grand Canyon tours that also visit some of the region's unmissable travel destinations like Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Seven Magic Mountains, Hoover Dam, and Horseshoe Bend. We offer some of the best Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas. Read on to learn more about our Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas and book your tour tickets today.

Best Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegsa

What's to See on The Best Tours of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon Rim Skywalk

Feel your knees buckle as you step out onto glass 800 feet over the floor of the canyon

Colorado River Views

See the mighty Colorado from the rim of the canyon;, the river powerful enough to create the Grand Canyon

Hoover Dam

All Grand Canyon Tours include a visit to Hoover Dam

Route 66

See America's Mother road at 3 different stops on all overnight Grand Canyon Tours

Rim Of Grand Canyon Trail

Get your photo taken on the rim of the spectacular Grand Canyon.

Sunrise/Sunset Views

Catch the sunrise or sunset over the Grand Canyon rim on our overnight travel tours

Why Should You Visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?

While the Grand Canyon might be located in the state of Arizona, the best hopping off point for visits is Las Vegas. To the West Rim of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is only 125 miles or 2 hours, while the south Rim is 279 miles or a bit more than 4 hours from Las Vegas. Our canyon tours will take you to the South Rim of the canyon where you will see breath-taking sights and experience the full grandeur of the canyon and its breathtaking views. We also offer Las Vegas tours to the West Rim of the canyon.

Most international visitors to the United States are going to make a trip to the Grand Canyon a high priority, and international visitors to Las Vegas are usually going to spend at least one day exploring the Grand Canyon. They often tour the Grand Canyon National Park and other travel sites because the Grand Canyon's beauty is well worth the tour. The beautiful Canyon and rim trails are a must see on their Las Vegas trip.

Unfortunately, the same dedication to visiting the canyon can’t be said about Americans. Only 28% of Americans have seen the Grand Canyon, and millions of Americans finish trips to Las Vegas every year without seeing this American icon and its beautiful South Rim or West Rim views. When you are in Las Vegas you are probably the closest to the Grand Canyon you will ever be, and with all the options available to see the park and Canyon, your trip to Las Vegas will be your best chance. Visiting the Grand Canyon is an amazing experience not to be missed and Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours are one of the best ways to experience it.

While at the Grand Canyon, there are a variety of destinations you could visit and tour. You could explore the park, hike down into the canyon at the West Rim, stop at all the gorgeous rim view points, take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, and so much more. Don't miss out on any of the experiences by taking a Vegas Grand Canyon tour. You can also tour Las Vegas surrounding areas including the Hoover Dam and national parks.

The Trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

All of our tours to the Grand Canyon will start with you being picked up directly from your Las Vegas hotel entrance. Your canyon tour guide will contact you the day before and let you know exactly when and where to go at your hotel so the tour guide can pick you up. You will have your tour guides phone number, so you can always call them if needed before starting the morning of the tour. No need to scramble for taxis, a bus, or Ubers for your Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas, just walk down to your pickup spot and look for the tour van with the MaxTour logo on it!

One of the best things about the small group tours we offer vs Las Vegas bus tours, is our experienced canyon tour guides! Good luck getting a cell phone signal in the middle of the desert to look up a Wikipedia article about the sights you'll be seeing while you travel on your Grand Canyon tour. Our MaxTour guides will provide all the information you could possibly find online about the tour and canyon, plus some tidbits and special features you wouldn’t! Our canyon tour guides are happy to answer any questions you may have about the many sights and scenes you'll be seeing as you make your way to the Grand Canyon and at each canyon rim stop!

How Long Does It Take To Get To The Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon West Rim is 2 Hours from Las Vegas, while it takes about 4.5 hours to get to the South Rim from Las Vegas. The length of your canyon tour will depend on which of our tours you signed up for and whether you will be visiting the West or South Rim. All of our canyon tours will make frequent rest stops on our trip from Las Vegas so you can use the restroom and enjoy our included drinks and snacks. It takes just a few seconds for everyone to get in and out of the van on our small group tours, allowing us the chance to make many more stops than our Las Vegas competitors driving a 60-person bus. For our day trips, the tour guide will have you back by the end of the night.

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How Will We Go To The Grand Canyon?

All of our tours to the Grand Canyon will start you being picked up directly from your Las Vegas hotel. Your canyon tour guide will contact you the day before and let you know exactly when and where to go at your hotel. You will have your tour guides phone number, you can always call the travel guide if needed the morning of the tour in the morning. No need to look for taxis, a tour bus, or Ubers to get to your canyon tour, just walk down to your pickup spot, look for the van with the MaxTour logo on it, and you'll be on your way to the national canyon rim!

We conduct all of our canyon tours in 15-seat passenger vans, this is most important when visiting the West or South Rim of the Grand Canyon. If your tour is on a travel bus, there are very limited canyon scenic stops that they allow you to go to on the South rim or West rim. If you are driving one of our tour vans, all the same canyon overlooks that are available to cars are available to you. So for our tours to the National Park, we are able to pick the absolute best locations for you to experience the Grand Canyon, not just the locations that they allow a bus to go.

In addition to seeing one of nature's most impressive creations, the Grand Canyon, you'll also have a chance to see one of humanity's most impressive creations, the Hoover Dam. That's right! It's almost like seeing art. Every canyon tour stops at the Hoover Dam while on the way to the Grand Canyon. This impressive concrete mega-structure stands over 726 feet tall. Completed in 1936 it contains over 4.3 million cubic yards of concrete. That's enough concrete to build a 2-lane road from Seattle to Miami. You'll have a chance to stand on top of the dam and look straight over the edge at the mighty Colorado River.

Behind you on the other side of the dam is Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States by capacity. The Hoover Dam, together with Lake Mead and all the water it holds, generates over 4 billion kilowatts of electricity per year. That's enough to power 1.3 million households. All of your tours from Las Vegas will stop at these magnificent travel sites.

After getting some once-in-a-lifetime photos, we'll continue our tour journey to the canyon.

Where Will We Eat At The Grand Canyon?

There are plenty of places to grab breakfast, lunch, coffee, or a snack when joining MaxTour on a trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. You can find places to eat on the South rim or West Canyon rim. The best lunches at the West Rim are found at the Skyview Cafe, where you can dine with fantastic vistas of the canyon rim and the world-famous Skywalk. Those views come at a price though, so we make a stop before we reach the West Rim where you can pickup sandwiches, coffee, and other snacks to take to canyon rim for your own rim-side picnic.

For trips to the South rim, a lunch stop in Williams, AZ is in order. With some of the best food you will find Northern Arizona, Williams has a little bit of something for everyone. Breakfast lovers will want to check out Pine Country, and people more in the mood for lunch can't miss the Station 66 Italian Bistro. After your fill of local food, grab a coffee at Anna's Cafe for the last leg up to the rim of Grand Canyon National Park. 

Visit the Grand Canyon Together with Other Attractions

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular destinations to visit from Las Vegas. You can visit either the Grand Canyon South Rim or the Grand Canyon West Rim.

Our tours all feature direct hotel pickup and drop off from your Las Vegas strip hotel, including early morning breakfast, fantastic service, and safe and steady drivers, making it a luxury canyon tour that will be back by the end of the day.

We are a Las Vegas locally owned and operated tour company that offers Grand Canyon tours that also visit some of the region's unmissable destinations like Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Seven Magic Mountains, Hoover Dam, national parks, and Horseshoe Bend.

What Do Our Grand Canyon Tours Involve?

Our mission is to give you the best Grand Canyon experience possible when joining one of our canyon park tours. Planning a Grand Canyon Trip from Las Vegas? We have you covered.

You know all those discount bus tours being pushed on the Las Vegas Strip? Yeah, we are the opposite of those canyon bus tours. Our tour vans give you a more relaxed and personal canyon experience. Many of the best locations at the Grand Canyon are off limits to the bus tours, so the only way to see those South rim or West rim canyon views is to drive yourself or take a small group tour.

Joining us on an overnight trip to the South Rim? We will take you to 3 spread out overlooks of the canyon: Yavapai Point, Grandview Point, and Lipan Point. All 3 of these canyon points are off limits to bus tours. They are fantastic overlooks on the South rim of the canyon not to be missed. The canyon South Rim also offers beautiful trails, such as the Bright Angel Trail. While visiting the South Rim, you will can visit the national Grand Canyon park.

If visiting the West Rim, we give you a full 3 hours to explore this stunning section of the canyon, more than any other canyon tour from Las Vegas offers.

When visiting the West Rim, do you dare step out onto the Grand Canyon Skywalk?
This The Grand Canyon Skywalk is arguably one of the most fun and intense ways to see the canyon. You'll be able to walk out onto a glass horseshoe-shaped deck that extends out 70 feet over the canyon, and you’ll be able to look straight down through the glass to the canyon floor 4000 feet below! That's over 3x the height of the glass floor on the observation deck of the Willis Tower in Chicago, which is at a height of 1353 ft. Without a doubt the Grand Canyon observation deck is the highest glass floor in the world. Don't worry about its strength though, you'll be completely safe while viewing the canyon floor. That's because the canyon Skywalk is constructed with enough steel to hold the weight of seventy fully loaded jumbo jets.

Beyond the canyon observation deck, many people do not realize that the West Rim isn’t actually a part of Grand Canyon National Park. This portion of the park and its sights are owned by the Hualapai Native Americans. That's right, you are standing on their reservation.

Check out the Grand Canyon Visitors' Center to learn more about the history and culture of this tribe.

Las Vegas Sign on the way to the Hoover Dam Tour

What do Our Grand Canyon Tours Include?

All of MaxTour’s Grand Canyon Tours include a direct Las Vegas hotel pickup, a simple breakfast, unlimited drinks, snacks, and bottled water, and of course gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon.

All of our tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas make a bonus stop at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign so you can grab an early morning photo before the crowds arrive. Another bonus stop along the tour route will be made at a park overlooking Lake Mead where you can enjoy your included breakfast while searching for the bighorn sheep that are native to the Las Vegas area.

There is so much more to our canyon tours from Las Vegas than the itinerary would indicate, you really have to join the canyon tour to see what bonus stops your tour guide is going to throw in for your group on that day.

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