5 Amazing Facts about the Grand Canyon 2019 was an important year at the Grand Canyon, they celebrated 100 years since becoming a national park! Being one of the United States’ oldest and most spectacular national parks, the Grand Canyon has some crazy facts.  For example… 1.  There are lizards that shoot blood from their

Why is the Grand Canyon Important?   As one of the most visited national parks in the United States, just the name “Grand Canyon” brings to mind scenes from movies , sweeping photographs, and travel stories from relatives who have visited America’s deepest and largest canyon. With all the hype floating around the Grand Canyon,

Things To Do at The Grand Canyon Grand Canyon USA is without a doubt one of the most iconic places in the world not only for the one-of-a-kind vistas, but also its activities for travellers of all ages and of all interests. From hikers to instagramers, kayakers to glampers, the Grand Canyon has just about

Can You Do Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon In One Day? The Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon are two must visit destinations for any traveler to Las Vegas and the American Southwest. The thing about traveling the American Southwest is that the distances are vast. To get to Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas is 5

West Rim vs. South Rim of the Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon is the second most popular National Park in the United States and its physical area is massive, larger that the entire state of Rhode Island, or 3 times bigger than Singapore. Most of the area inside the Grand Canyon is inaccessible by car,

Grand Canyon vs Antelope Canyon The Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon are always high on the list of adventure travelers to the Southwest. Both of them are can’t miss destinations, however sometimes time is limited and you can only see one. This can lead to an agonizing choice: Grand Canyon or Antelope Canyon, which one