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Zion National Park Tours From Las Vegas

Small Group Tours • 5-Star Service • Direct Hotel Pickup 

Are You Looking for the Best Zion National Park Tours?

Zion National Park is one of the most spectacular destinations to visit from Las Vegas.
Our tours all feature direct hotel pickup and drop off from your Las Vegas strip hotel, included early morning breakfast, fantastic service, and safe and steady drivers.
We are a locally owned and operated tour company that offers high quality small group tours to the most beatuful locations around Las Vegas.

The Best Zion National Park Tours from Las Vegas

Virgin River Zion National Park
See What You Want On Our Zion Tour From Las Vegas
Zion National Park is one of the most popular destinations to visit from Las Vegas.
On on small group day tour to Zion National Park, you have the choice to hike some of the best hikes in the country in Angels Landing or the Narrows, or enjoy a comfy tour around the park in our tour van. The choice is yours.
This tour features direct hotel pickup and drop off from your Las Vegas strip hotel, an included early morning breakfast, fresh lunch, unlimited drinks and snacks, and bonus stops along the way.
What Do Our Zion National Park Tours Involve?
Our mission is to give you the best Zion National Park experience possible when joining one of our tours.
First, we give you the chance to hike at Zion. To get the full Zion experience, you need to hit the trails, and we offer the only tour that let's you do just that.
Second, we offer you a small group tour. Our tour vans give you a more relaxed and personal experience. Many of the best locations at the Zion National Park are off limits to the bus tours, so the only way to see them is to drive yourself or take a small group tour.
Weeping Rock Zion National Park
Zion Valley Zion National Park
What do Our Zion National Park Tours Include?
All of MaxTour’s Zion National Park Tours include a direct hotel pickup, a simple breakfast, unlimited drinks, snacks, and bottled water, and of course gorgeous views of Zion.
All of our tours to Zion from Las Vegas make a bonus stop at the Red Hills Desert Center so you can see some beautiful cactus . Other bonus stops will be made at the tour guides discretion.
When you get to the park, you will have two options: self guided hiking or a guided van tour. Even on the guided van tour you will get some chances to do some short hikes to see the wonders that make up Zion National Park.

What's to See on The Best Tours of Zion National Park from Las Vegas?

Angels Landing

Angels Landing

Take in the expanse of Zion Valley from this point so high, only Angels could land there.
The Narrows at Zion

The Narrows

See the mighty Virgin river as you leave the trail and hike through the rushing river.
Checkerboard Mesa Zion National Park

Checkerboard Mesa

This stone mountain is crisscrosed by waterlines, making it look like a checkerboard!
Zion Valley Zion National Park

Zion Valley

The most picturesque area in all of Zion.
Weeping Rock Zion National Park

Weeping Rock

Water that has been working it's way down for thousands of years comes out of solid rock.
Virgin River Zion National Park

Virgin River

See the river that created Zion Canyon.

Why Should You Visit Zion National Park from Las Vegas

While Zion might be located in the state of Utah, the best hopping off point for visits is Las Vegas. At only 2.5 hours or 164 miles, Zion is easily accessible from Las Vegas.
Zion is the 3rd most popular national park in the United States, welcoming over 4 million visitors every year.
Your trip to Las Vegas may be the best chance you will have to visit this amazing National Park. With just one day you can see many of the highlights inside the 3rd most popular National Park in the US!

The Trip from Las Vegas to Zion National Park

All of our tours to Zion National Park will start you being picked up directly from your Las Vegas Strip hotel. We will contact you the day before your tour to arrange your pickup from your Las Vegas Strip hotel. We will include your tour guides phone number, you can always call them if needed in the morning. No need to scramble for taxis or Ubers, just walk down to your pickup spot and look for the van with the MaxTour logo on it! Your tour guide will pack a simple breakfast to be passed out at the first stop, included in that are bottles of Starbucks coffee! (If you are like us and crave coffee first thing in the morning, let your tour guide know and they will offer you some after you get in the van). After you have had your coffee and breakfast, we will drive up the Virgin River Gorge, one of the most beautiful sections of Interstate highway in the nation and the most expensive section of rural Interstate highway in the country at $10 million per mile, or $56 million per mile in 2018 prices.

How Long Does It Take To Get To Zion National Park from Las Vegas?

Zion National Park is 2.5 hours from Las Vegas to the South gate, while it takes about 3 hours to get to the Zion National Park East entrance from Las Vegas. We will make a rest stop halfway up to the park and again halfway back.

How Will We Go To Zion?

The route to Zion goes North on Interstate 15, leaving Las Vegas, going through Mesquite, entering Arizona, leaving Arizona and entering Utah. A turn off onto state highway 9 will take us straight into the park, this highway runs through the park from the South entrance to the East Entrance. This is the same highway that goes through the Zion-Mt Carmel Tunnel.
Your tour will be given in a 15 seat passenger van. No more than 14 guests plus one tour guide will join you on this small group tour.

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