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3 of our tours win awards as the best tours to take in the United States

On June 14th, TripAdvisor announced the winners of its 2022 Travelers' Choice® "Best of the Best" Awards. These awards recognize the best activities around the world, according to travelers who have done them—and loved every minute.

MaxTour was a winner in 3 different categories, and our team couldn't be prouder at the reconciliation of our hard work over the last year! Our outstanding tour guides are out on the road daily, showing travelers the best sights outside of Las Vegas on the best tours from Las Vegas, and now we have the hardware to prove it.

Our Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, 7 Magic Mountains Tour Is the 5th Best Experience in America!

See the entire list here:


Our 2 Day Grand Canyon Antelope Canyon Tour Is the 10th Best Nature & Outdoor Activity in the United States!

See the entire list here:


Our Hoover Dam Walk-On-Top Tour w/ Seven Magic Mountains is the 7th best Cultural and Historic Tour in America!

See the entire list here:


On June 23rd, TripAdvisor announced the winners of its 2021 Travelers' Choice® "Best of the Best" Things to Do Awards. Previously called the Travelers' Choice Awards for Experiences, the revamped Things to Do Awards have been broadened to recognize the best activities listed on Tripadvisor, so travelers across the globe can look no further for inspiration to make that all important next vacation exceptional. Tripadvisor expanded the awards across a dozen subcategories, from Nature and Hiking to Water Adventures to Out of the Ordinary Experiences, reflecting activities that have been hot since the start of the pandemic.

MaxTour is thrilled to have our Grand Canyon West, Hoover Dam, Seven Magic Mountains Tour be named the 6th best thing to do in all of Las Vegas! The hard work our team puts into planning, preparing, and leading every tour has been recognized for years by our treasured guests. And now, the greater travel community is recognizing the fantastic tour options that MaxTour offers to visitors to Las Vegas. We couldn't be more proud of our fantastic team, particularly our talented guides who are out daily showing travelers the wonders that the southwest has to offer.

You can read the full list of Best Things to do in Las Vegas Here:


What is the Best of the Best Award?

This award is TripAdvisor's highest recognition and is presented annually to those businesses that are the Best of the Best on TripAdvisor, those that earn excellent reviews from travelers and are ranked in the top 1% of properties worldwide.

Another worthy option

Check out our 2 Day Grand Canyon Antelope Canyon Tour! If you have 2 days to spend on visiting the Grand Canyon, this is a fantastic option for you!

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Notes on our data collection

Web Presence: Teams were ranked 1-32 in 5 categories: Number of Instagram followers, number of Twitter followers, subscribers to their subreddit, Facebook pages likes, and results when searching the teams name in Google. All 5 scores were added, and the team with the lowest score was #1 all the way to #32.

Attendance: Teams were ranked 1-32 based on attendance as a percentage from 2000-2019. Sources: http://www.espn.com/nfl/attendance/_/year/2019/sort/homePct https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2019/attendance.htm

Loyalty: Loyalty Score provides a ranking of all teams (1-32) based on their correlation reading R between their league standings and home attendance ranking. The closer a teams R is to zero the weaker their correlation between attendance and league standing. That is, the closer one's R is to zero the less indicative it is of that team being said to have a "bandwagon" fan base. At the other end of the spectrum, those whose R is further from zero, indicates a stronger correlation between attendance and league ranking, and therefore more reasonably accused of showing signs of a bandwagon following.

Sellout Score: The Sellout Ranking ranks teams based on a study conducted by Reviews.org to determine how much money home team fans would accept to root for a rival team. The lesser amount of money in such an exchange does worse for the team's reputation for having passionate fans. The greater amount of money required to root for a rival says more about the allegiance of that team's fan base. Source: https://www.reviews.org/trends/nfl-fan-loyalty/#Where_Does_Your_Team_Rank_

Expert Ranking: The Expert Ranking is based on the July 2019 article by Bleacher Report's lead NFL writer, Mike Tanier. In it, Tanier develops a Fan Score based on the following categories (including decimals): Engagement (1-10), Cuisine (1-10), Savvy (1-10), and Internet Personality (-5 to +3). He then puts them together cumulatively to produce a "Fan Score". Our adaptation is simple: Rank the NFL teams based on Tanier's Fan Score. The higher the Fan Score the better your team's ranking. Not exactly based on math, and therefore entirely subjective, but if it's good enough for BR, it's good enough for us. Source: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2843690-mike-tanier-fixes-the-nfl-fanbase-rankings

We are open and on the road leading travelers to the amazing wonders of the desert southwest, and nothing could make us happier. Some things have changed while we have been gone, read more below.

Antelope Canyon

The Navajo Nation has ordered that all tribal parks, including Antelope Canyon, be closed since March 14th, 2020. They have not set a reopening date.

Our Antelope Canyon Tour from Las Vegas will be closed until they reopen. We are taking bookings for our Antelope Canyon Tour from Las Vegas starting in June, but if Antelope Canyon has not reopened by then, we will be canceling those bookings for a full refund.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park has reopened for tour operators.

We are reopening our 2 Day Grand Canyon Antelope Canyon Tour in late June. If Antelope Canyon is not open by then, we will find an alternate destination for this tour to visit. Please note that due to regulations at the Grand Canyon, proof of vaccination or a negative COIVD test taken 72 hours or earlier before your tour will be required to join the tour.

We have a great day tour to the Grand Canyon West Rim, Seven Magic Mountains, and the Hoover Dam. All stops along this tour are open.

Seven Magic Mountains


Safety has always been our number one priority. The most important part of our jobs as tour guides is getting you from place to place in a safe and comfortable manner. Our caution behind the wheel hasn't changed. Here is what has:

See more Antelope Canyon info here;

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