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Insider Tips for Visiting Las Vegas

Last Update on May 06, 2018
by Maxtour
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On a trip to Las Vegas, there is so much to see, eat, and do.  It would take you many trips to master the ins and outs of such a vast city.  Lucky for you, we live here and have compiled a list of tips that only a Las Vegas Insider would know. For example:

Save Money and Eat Better Off the Strip

Las Vegas Boulevard is affectionately known as The Strip.  The strip is home to the biggest and most famous hotels. It is also home to a slew of outrageously priced restaurants.  Even the supposedly moderately priced normal restaurants will cost you a pretty penny, and a meal at one place with a celebrity chef could blow your budget for the entire trip. The way to avoid this? Eat off The Strip.  It comes as a shock to many, but there is life off The Strip. All of our favorite restaurants are off the strip. Even factoring in the cost of an Uber or Taxi, you can have an amazing meal for a fraction of the cost of a meal on the strip. Don’t believe us? Check out these cheap and delicious off-strip restaurants.

 Don’t Pay for Parking

"Don't pay for parking"

One of the most frustrating developments of late in Las Vegas is the implementation of paid parking.  While parking used to be free in all Las Vegas hotels, most of them will now charge up to $30 a day to park in their garages. Valet parking also used to be free, but most major hotels on the Las Vegas Strip charge for valet parking.  With so many of our guests driving in from Los Angeles, we are always on the lookout for ways to avoid these outrageous extra fees. How to avoid them? Park in hotels that still offer free parking. We like Treasure Island and Planet Hollywood for free parking, but for an updated list of where to park for free, check here.

Go to the Top of the Stratosphere for Free

"Get this magnificent view for free"

If you want to get the best view in Las Vegas, head to the top of the Stratosphere. If you want to do it for free, read on.  The cost to go to the observation deck ranges between $20-$25 depending on when you go. There is another option: The 107 Skylounge.  This is the bar on the 107th floor of the Stratosphere Tower. They have a great happy hour from 4 to 7 with half-price appetizers and 2-for-1 drinks. How to go for free?  Take the elevator to the bar, walk around a few times, take in the view, decide you don’t want to buy anything, then take the elevator back down. If you do stay for some drinks and food, get the info here.

 Taking a Taxi from the Airport? Don’t take the highway

"Two routes from the Airport. Which one do you want to take?"

Despite the relative closeness of the airport to the Strip, getting to your hotel can still be a pain.  The most convenient option is to exit your airport terminal, step outside, and jump in the taxi line. We usually recommend on using Uber or Lyft to get around Las Vegas, but getting from the airport is one place we recommend taking a taxi.

When you take a taxi to the Strip from the Airport, there are two routes.  One of them is twice as long as the other, and it involves driving on the highway. The taxi drivers are always eager to take you on the highway to drive up the fare.  When getting in your taxi at the airport, your driver may ask you if you want to take the highway or the local roads. Don’t answer highway! It may sound faster, but it is about the same time but a much greater distance. If they don’t ask you this question, tell the driver “Please use local roads and avoid the tunnel and highway”

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