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Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Las Vegas

Last Update on May 08, 2020
by Maxtour
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Out of all American cities perhaps the one with the most attractions and shows is Las Vegas.

A city based entirely on entertainment, Las Vegas has must-visit spots on nearly every block along the strip (and many must-visit spots off the strip too!).

Here is our comprehensive list of must-visit spots in Las Vegas that you will not want to miss.

1. The Grand Canal Shops 

Gondola in The Grand Canal

With it’s cobblestone pathways and ceilings painted with scenes of the open Italian sky, The Grand Canal Shops are like no other indoor shopping mall in the States.

The Grand Canal Shops has 160 stores ranging from signature stores to luxury brands, as well as restaurants, souvenir shops, and “street-side” entertainment.

Made to resemble the streets and waterway of Venice, you can even take a gondola ride through the canals!

Location: The Venetian Hotel

Price: Free to Shop, Gondola Ride $29 per person 

2. Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Easily the best place to snap a selfie in Las Vegas, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign has been a beacon of excitement since 1959, when Vegas was just beginning to earn its reputation.

This iconic sign, familiar to all Americans, has never been copyrighted, so you will see it almost everywhere along the strip in stores and murals.

But nothing beats walking over to take your picture with the original sign.

A stop at the sign is included in our Grand Canyon Antelope Canyon Tour.

Location: South end of the Strip (near Mandalay Bay)

Price: Free

3. Shark Reef Aquarium

Shark Reef Aquarium

One of most unique must-see attractions in Las Vegas is the Shark Reef Aquarium.

The Shark Reef’s 1,300,00 gallon main walk-through tank makes it one of the largest in America.

The aquarium is also home to much more than just sharks, as it is also famous for its fish, reptiles, invertebrates, stingrays, and komodo dragons!

The Aquarium’s many interactive exhibits and optional packages make it customizable for any style of travel and budget. 

Location: Mandalay Bay 

Price: $22 per person

4. Fountains of Bellagio

Fountains of Bellagio

Beams of water shooting hundreds of feet into the air to the sounds of famous American songs all with the backdrop of the beautiful Bellagio hotel makes the fountains of Bellagio one of (if not the) most famous of all Vegas attractions.

But there are some things many people don’t know about the fountain show.

Showtimes vary, but generally, during the day there will be a fountain show every 30 minutes, and during the night every 15 minutes.

Although the show will reuse much of the same music, the lights and the fountains are unique to each show, making the fountains a popular place for tourists and locals alike. 

Location: In front of the Bellagio Hotel

Price: Free

5. Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden 

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden 

After the fountain show, if you take a step inside the Bellagio you will find yourself inside of a beautiful, massive room with glass ceilings that the Bellagio refers to as it’s “14,000-square-foot floral playground”.

The conservatory is home to thousands of different types of plants and flowers, and always to a grand theme that celebrates the seasons.

One of the most spectacular themes the botanical garden puts on is around the time of Chinese New Year, where people from all over the world and news stations from all over Nevada come to experience the spectacle. 

Location: Bellagio Hotel

Price: Free

6. Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds

You won’t believe your eyes when you step into this Las Vegas can’t-miss attraction.

Madame Tussauds are large exhibits where you can snap selfies arm-in-arm with the biggest celebrities from around the world, with one catch, they’re all made of wax!

Madame Tussauds can be found in several locations in large US cities, but perhaps none can compare to the one in Las Vegas,the first one to open its doors in America.

Location: The Venetian 

Price: $30 per person

7. The Stratosphere Skypod

The Stratosphere Skypod

Towering 350 meters into the air is America’s tallest freestanding observation tower, the Stratosphere.

At the top of the stratosphere is the skypod, which is a multi-level building in the sky.

The skypod is complete with bars, thrill rides, souvenir shops, a chapel, as well as one of Vegas’ top rated restaurants “Top of the World”, whose floor rotates around the skypod as you enjoy dinner.

Location: Stratosphere Hotel and Casino

Price: $24 per person (with optional pricing for thrill rides and drinks)

8. Eataly


The first American Eataly opened up in New York City, and left Americans raving about the unique concept behind Italian food and drink market.

Now, with a brand new location in Las Vegas, it easily makes our list of must-see attractions in Vegas.

The founder of Eataly wanted to create a place that was much more than just an Italian restaurant.

He wanted to build a school, a fresh market, a table to gather around. Most importantly, he aimed to make a space “to learn about food, and through food, about life”.

Visiting foodies will not want to leave this Vegas attraction! 

Location: Park MGM

Price: Free Entry

9. The High Roller

The High Roller

Towering 550 feet (158 meters) in the air is the High Roller, the world’s tallest ferris wheel.

And like everything else in Vegas, there is much more to the experience than seems!

Inside of each spacious pod, you get a sweeping 360 degree view of Las Vegas.

Those over 21 can also enter an “open bar” pod, where you can enjoy free drinks for the entire 30 minute ride around the wheel. 

Location: The Linq Promenade 

Price: $35 ($45 for open bar)

10. The Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience

It’s no wonder that the only must-see attraction on our list that is off-strip would land to the north, in the historic downtown Las Vegas.

The Fremont Street Experience is a street that is home to a collection of free live music, a zipline that gives you the chance to soar over the bustling street, and a tunnel that displays a light show that truly sets Vegas’ standards. 

Walking Fremont Street can be an experience itself, but there are also many hidden gems to look out for, like a piece of the Berlin Wall in the bathroom of Main Street Station, or the stack of one million US dollars that you can take your photo with at Binion’s casino. 

Location: Fremont Street

Price: Free entry, attractions at separate cost



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