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What Is the Best Time of Year To Visit the Hoover Dam?

Last Update on June 05, 2022
by Maxtour
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The Hoover Dam, located in Las Vegas, is a marvel of engineering and a sight to behold for any individual or group. The attraction nets around a million visitors per year. You may wonder when the best time to go is to beat the crowds while enjoying the beauty of the dam. Our knowledgeable tour guides go to the Hoover Dam every day on the best Hoover Dam tours, so we asked them when is the best time to visit.

Best Season

Here we will break down what each season has to offer for a group or individual looking to visit the Hoover Dam.


Spring is considered one of the better seasons to visit the Hoover Dam due to less traffic and great weather. While some other areas in the United States often have to worry about rain in the spring, this is a rare problem in the desert of Las Vegas. The crowds won’t be as small as in the winter, but they will be considerably smaller than the summer or fall crowds. 


Summer is one of the busiest seasons for attractions worldwide (landmarks, theme parks, etc.), and it is no different for the Hoover Dam. Visiting the Hoover Dam in the summer is not recommended because of the crowds and the weather.

The location is in Nevada after all, where the dry heat has been known to sneak up on people who end up overexerting themselves. Try to shoot for earlier in Spring, as this gives you the best chance of small crowds and great weather.


While the weather is a little more forgiving in the fall than in the summer in Las Vegas, visiting in this season is still not your best bet.

School trips and group outings make this an incredibly busy time of the year for the Hoover Dam. Particularly if you plan to stop by the Visitor’s Center, where lines can get very long, you might want to avoid having to take in the view with a giant crowd around you. 


Winter is one of the best, if not the best, seasons to visit the Hoover Dam. The crowds are very minimal during this time, so you can fully enjoy the marvel that is the Hoover Dam without dealing with giant crowds.

In addition, this is great for those who are looking to get excellent photographs of the landmark. You will not have to fight for the perfect spot to snap that pic or have to deal with other people in the side view or background of your photographs. Late winter is considered the best time because the weather is lovely in the area.

Best Month To Visit the Hoover Dam

Choosing the right month to visit the Hoover Dam can also greatly improve your overall experience. Here are some of the highlights for each month to help you choose the best one for you.


January is considered one of the best months to visit the Hoover Dam. Attendance is lower during this time, and the weather is quite favorable. Winter is not as cold in Nevada as in states like New York or Michigan, so you will be able to enjoy the weather and the small crowds.


Along with January, February is considered the best time to visit the Hoover Dam. Similarly, February is a great month to visit because the weather is fair and crowds are far smaller. That means no waiting in line or dealing with a large group getting in the way of your perfect photographs. 


March is considered a nice time to visit the Hoover Dam, though not as great as January or February. It is good in terms of the weather, as this time of year in Las Vegas has an excellent climate that will not tire you out like the heat of the summer. 


Visiting in April will be slightly less ideal than the earlier months of the year. Because crowds start to grow at this point, you may have to deal with a few more people than you would like. 

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In May, many schools and colleges have already let out for the summer, which means additional crowds. You may not suffer from close contact the way you might in June or July, but expect to have to wait in some lines or take turns snapping photos. 


June may be the worst month to visit the Hoover Dam if you are not a fan of large crowds and hot weather. 


Along with June, July is one of the less ideal times to visit the Hoover Dam. This is because this is prime summer trip time, and you will be facing some crowds. In addition, July is often the hottest month in Nevada. In recent years, the temperature has shot up to 114 degrees Fahrenheit in July for this area. 


August is a better month to visit than June or July, especially as kids make their way back to school and the visitor numbers go down a bit. 


Similar to August, September will come with better weather for visiting the Hoover Dam, but you still may have to fight some crowds. 


October is when crowds begin to die down, but you may still struggle with the weather. In recent years, as temperatures have risen across the United States, Las Vegas has been experiencing some hot fall seasons, October included. 


Once you hit November and start making your way into the winter season, it becomes a better time to visit. The November weather in Las Vegas is still pretty ideal, especially if you visit earlier in the morning when the crowds are sparse.  


December marks a very mild winter in Las Vegas, especially compared to other areas in the United States. For those in the northern and midwestern United States, you will be perfectly comfortable at historic temperatures ranging from the low 50s to the high 60s (in Fahrenheit). 

Southerners will be familiar with the warm winters that Las Vegas, Nevada, often has. After January and February, December is most likely your best option for visiting the Hoover Dam. 


The best time of year to visit the Hoover Dam is in the winter season in January and February. These times are when crowds are the smallest, and due to Nevada’s warm climate, you will not have to deal with any real cold. 



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