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What to Do in Las Vegas for a Week

Last Update on September 15, 2022
by Maxtour
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Las Vegas is one of the country's tourist hotspots because there are a myriad of exciting activities to take part in as well as scenic beauty to be enjoyed. If you consider yourself an outdoors person, a trip to Las Vegas should be on your bucket list. The first thing that comes to many people's minds when you mention Las Vegas is the desert, but of course, there's more to Vegas than the rugged landscape. 

Hoover Dam Tour

If you're planning a Las Vegas week-long visit, you should consider taking a Hoover Dam tour. There are plenty of activities at the dam for the whole family, and it's open year-round. Moreover, the entrance fees are affordable–there are different types of tours based on your preferences and how much time you want to spend there.

If you’re worried about committing an entire day of your vacation to one location, you may be surprised to learn how long the Hoover Dam tour lasts—even the longest tour is only three hours. If you prefer the self-guided tour, you can set aside as little as thirty minutes.

Explore the Las Vegas Strip

It’s one of the more typical things to do, but seeing the strip at least once in your life is worth it. You can take in the beautiful surroundings and try some of the local and international cuisine; touring the Las Vegas strip is especially appealing if you’re on a tight budget. The whole strip is only five miles long, and you shouldn’t have trouble walking around thanks to its pedestrian-friendly streets.

The Eiffel Tower Experience

You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to Paris when you can enjoy a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas. Ascending to the top of the tower gives you a completely unique view of the city–you can even dine at a restaurant at the very top!

Botanical Gardens and Fountains at Bellagio

Nature lovers will find a piece of paradise at the Bellagio’s indoor botanical gardens. You'll be amazed from the first moment you walk in–just make sure you research what exhibits are open during your visit as the Bellagio’s open exhibits change throughout the year.

To indulge fully, consider making a stop at the Bellagio fountains—especially at night—to experience the daily water show.

High Roller Observation Wheel at LINQ

The LINQ hotel and casino towers 550 feet above the ground and boasts the largest Ferris wheel. Enjoy spectacular views from the cabins that take thirty minutes for a complete rotation. If you love cocktails, consider booking a happy hour tour where you'll enjoy unlimited drinks.

There are plenty of activities to do in Las Vegas, and it’s no wonder why Sin City receives so many visitors every year. We hope this article gives you some ideas for your trip, but if you want to learn more, be sure to reach out to MaxTour and we'll help you plan an unforgettable experience in this magnificent city.



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