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Where is the Best Place to View Lake Powell?

Last Update on February 02, 2024
by Sunny Samaroo
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Lake Powell, with its crystal-clear blue waters and stunning sandstone landscapes, is a marvel of the American Southwest. If you're planning a visit, you might be wondering about the best place to view Lake Powell to fully appreciate its beauty. 

This vast lake, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona, offers numerous vantage points for breathtaking views. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the top spots to take in the scenic beauty of Lake Powell, especially if you're considering a trip like the 2-Day Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon Tour offered by MaxTour.

Where Is Lake Powell?

Lake Powell is a very long lake, stretching 186 miles (300 kilometers) from northern Arizona to southern Utah. Page, AZ is at the south end of the lake and makes a great starting point for exploring it.

Lake Powell isn't a natural lake; it's actually a man-made reservoir. It's in Glen Canyon on the Colorado River and was created by the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam.

1. Wahweap Overlook (Best Place to View Lake Powell)

For a panoramic view of Lake Powell, Wahweap Overlook is hard to beat. Located near the Wahweap Marina in Page, Arizona, this viewpoint offers a sweeping vista of the lake and its surrounding landscape. It's easily accessible and provides a great introduction to the area's natural beauty.

View of Lake Powell from Wahweap Overlook
Wahweap Overlook offers great views of the landscape around Lake Powell.

2. Alstrom Point

For those willing to venture off the beaten path, Alstrom Point offers one of the most spectacular views of Lake Powell. Reaching Alstrom Point requires a bit of a drive on unpaved roads and is best suited for 4WD vehicles

The journey is well worth it, as you're rewarded with an unparalleled view of the lake, Gunsite Butte, and the surrounding canyons.

3. Glen Canyon Dam Overlook

The Glen Canyon Dam Overlook provides a unique view of both Lake Powell and the impressive Glen Canyon Dam. This spot is easily accessible and offers an informative perspective on how the dam has shaped the landscape and created Lake Powell.

View of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam
Combine your visit to Lake Powell with a visit to the reason it exists: Glen Canyon Dam!

4. Rimview Trail

If you like hiking, running, or mountain biking, why not combine one of those activities with seeing Lake Powell? Luckily, there's a popular trail that offers great views of the lake. It's called Rimview Trail, or sometimes just Rim Trail.

This trail is a 10.5-mile (17-km) loop around Page, Arizona that includes views of some of the best natural attractions in the area. In addition to Lake Powell, which you'll see on the north side of the loop, look out for Glen Canyon, Echo Cliffs, Navajo Mountain, and more.

The trail is relatively flat, with very little incline. There is, however, virtually no shade. Make sure to wear sunscreen and bring lots of water!

5. Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Accessible by boat, Rainbow Bridge National Monument is one of the largest natural bridges in the world and a sacred site for many Native American tribes. A visit here combines the beauty of Lake Powell with the awe of this natural wonder. You can also get to Rainbow Bridge Monument by driving, and you'll have views of Lake Powell along the drive.

View of Rainbow Bridge National Monument
Rainbow Bridge National Monument is an arch and natural bridge near Lake Powell.

6. Antelope Point Marina

For a closer look at the lake, visit Antelope Point Marina. Here, you can enjoy the views from the shore, rent a boat to explore the lake, or simply relax at the marina's restaurant with a scenic backdrop.

7. Horseshoe Bend

While technically a view of the Colorado River, Horseshoe Bend is just a few miles from Lake Powell and offers a stunning perspective of the river as it curves around a sandstone escarpment. 

The view from the overlook, located just off Highway 89, is one of the most photographed spots in the region.

View of Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe Bend, near Lake Powell, is one of the most breathtaking sights in the Southwest.

Incorporating Lake Powell into Your Trip

MaxTour's 1-Day Antelope Canyon Tour doesn't just include Antelope Canyon, it also includes visits to Horseshoe Bend and Wahweap Overlook, the best place to take in the views of the gorgeous Lake Powell.

If you're on a tour like MaxTour's 2-Day Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon Tour, adding a visit to Lake Powell can enhance your experience of the Southwest's natural beauty. 

While the tour may not specifically include Lake Powell, its proximity to Antelope Canyon and Page makes it a feasible addition to your itinerary.

Tips for Visiting Lake Powell

Plan Ahead: Research viewpoints and access points before your trip, especially if you're planning to visit more remote areas like Alstrom Point.

Entrance Fee: Lake Powell is located within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Depending on where you're viewing Lake Powell from, you may or may not have to enter the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. If you do, though, you have to pay an entrance fee of $30 per vehicle.

Stay Hydrated: The desert climate can be deceptively dry, even in the winter, so bring plenty of water.

Respect the Environment: Lake Powell is a cherished natural resource. It is also culturally important to several Native American populations in the area. Be mindful of your impact and leave no trace of your visit.

Consider a Boat Tour: To fully experience Lake Powell, consider taking a boat tour, which can provide access to areas of the lake not visible from the shore. Jet skiing is also popular here.

View of Lake Powell
If you have the time, it'd be great for you to see Lake Powell from more than one vantage point.


In conclusion, the best place to view Lake Powell depends on what you're looking for. Do you want an easily accessible panoramic view? A remote and rugged landscape? A perspective from the water? A long but fulfilling hike?

Each viewpoint offers a unique way to appreciate the beauty of this man-made reservoir set against the backdrop of the natural sandstone canyons. And with a little planning, a visit to Lake Powell can be a memorable part of your exploration of the American Southwest with MaxTour.

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Sunny Samaroo

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