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Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas Strip Without a Resort Fee

Last Update on April 10, 2024
by Sunny Samaroo
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Las Vegas is a city buzzing with excitement, dazzling visitors with the iconic Las Vegas Strip. However, finding budget-friendly accommodations that don't nickel-and-dime you with hidden resort fees can feel like hitting the jackpot.

However, budget-conscious travelers don't have to worry too much. If you look hard enough, you can find cheap hotels on the Las Vegas Strip without a resort fee.

There's another caveat, though. Hotels without resort fees aren't always cheaper than those that have them! That's why we've compiled that meet both criteria: affordable and don't have resort fees.

Here's a straightforward guide to snagging a wallet-friendly stay along the glittering Las Vegas Strip without the dreaded resort fee.

Casino Royale Hotel & Casino

Known for its central location and unassuming charm, Casino Royale Hotel & Casino is a budget-friendly gem that stands out on the Strip. This hotel, often overlooked in the shadow of its grandiose neighbors, offers affordable rooms without the burden of a resort fee. With a casino floor that embraces a laid-back atmosphere, it's a no-frills option for those looking to save some cash.

The Travelodge by Wyndham Las Vegas Center Strip

For a no-nonsense, central option, the Travelodge by Wyndham Las Vegas Center Strip fits the bill. Affordable rates and a lack of resort fees make this a practical choice for budget-conscious travelers who prioritize location over luxury. It's your straightforward solution for staying close to the heart of the action.

Desert Rose Resort

If you're willing to walk a few blocks to the action, the Desert Rose Resort offers a tranquil escape without resort fees. While not directly on the Strip, its proximity and the absence of additional charges make it a worthy consideration. The spacious suites and kitchenettes add a practical touch for those looking to save on dining expenses.

Motel 6 Las Vegas Tropicana

Motel 6 is a brand known for budget-friendly stays, and the Motel 6 Las Vegas Tropicana is no exception. This simple yet comfortable option is close enough to the Strip to keep you connected to the action without the added expense of resort fees. It's an uncomplicated choice for those who just need a place to rest between their Las Vegas adventures.

Hilton Garden Inn Las Vegas City Center

For those willing to step just off the Strip, the Hilton Garden Inn Las Vegas City Center offers a welcome escape without resort fees. Its modern amenities and comfortable rooms make it a standout choice for savvy travelers looking for both convenience and savings.

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Now, as you gear up for your budget-friendly adventure, here are a few tips on snagging great deals on Vegas hotels.

Finding Great Deals in Vegas

  • To maximize your savings, consider booking during weekdays or off-peak seasons when prices tend to dip. 
  • Explore different booking platforms, as prices can vary. 
  • Loyalty programs from hotel chains often offer exclusive deals and discounts.
  • Lastly, keep an eye out for last-minute deals and package offers that bundle accommodations with show tickets or dining credits, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. 


In a city where the stakes are high, many travelers look to prioritize attractions, experiences, and tours from Las Vegas over accommodation. 

Finding affordable accommodation on the Las Vegas Strip without resort fees may feel like a gamble. However, these options provide a winning combination of affordability and location. Happy travels!


Sunny Samaroo

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