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Half-Day Itinerary for a Grand Canyon Tour

Last Update on September 21, 2022
by Maxtour
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There are so many places to visit and explore at the Grand Canyon, and there are areas that even many park rangers have not yet visited. If you have limited time, figuring out what sites are the most important to see can be challenging–there are several popular stops on the rim, adventures on the canyon floor, and other interesting nearby areas to visit. Just to stand by the rim and take in the view, even just for a few minutes, is a life experience like no other.

For a short trip to the Grand Canyon, here are some highlights that will make the most of an exciting half-day tour to the Grand Canyon:

The Small-Group Tour

For a short, small-group tour of the Grand Canyon West Rim from Las Vegas, MaxTour offers the VIP Half-Day Tour. With this package, you can enjoy the comfort of a private tour while being guided to different must-see locations. You won't be asked to leave the van or need to use the park's shuttles. It's a seamless trip where you can relax and enjoy, so, when it comes to where to book a Grand Canyon Tour–MaxTour is your best bet.

Visit the West Rim

While the South Rim tends to be more popular for full-day tours, there are long distances to get there. Since that’s the case, your time there can be eaten up driving to and from the canyon rim. For a better experience, plan your trip to the West Rim, where you take spectacular photos from Guano Point, Eagle Point, or the Skywalk, as well as explore the nearby Hoover Dam.

Later Pickup Times

The VIP Half-Day Tour will pick you up from your hotel at 9:30 AM and depart by 10:00 AM. Being that you are in Las Vegas, it’s very possible that you’ll be enjoying late night plans and could use a little extra sleep before heading out on a tour to the Grand Canyon. 

Learn about Las Vegas 

Once everyone's on the tour van, the trip will head to the Hoover Dam. During the ride, the guide will share fun facts about Las Vegas and possibly make a quick stop to get a photo by the famous Las Vegas sign. After driving for about forty-five minutes, the tour will arrive at the Hoover Dam.

The Hoover Dam

One of the highlights of this trip is getting a full view of the Hoover Dam from the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. This National Historic Landmark helped lead to the development of communities and industry in the Southwest United States.  

The bridge across the Hoover Dam also provided a faster route across the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada. The beautiful arch acts as a support for the bridge and is accessible to the public.

If you visit on your own, there is also a Hoover Dam self-guided tour option available that may be perfect for you.

Viewpoints of the Canyon

The main highlight of this trip–and the one you will surely tell all of your family and friends about–is the majestic, 360-degree panoramic view of the Grand Canyon from Guano Point. It is known for stunning and dramatic views because you can walk up to the tip of the point and take in the view from an unusual vantagepoint. 

Next, the tour heads to Eagle Point, where there are more canyon views and you can learn about the Hualapai village. If you're up for some adventure, walk on the famous glass bridge for a birds-eye view deep into the gorge. 

End your day hassle-free as MaxTour drops you off at your hotel just in time for your Vegas dinner plans. 


A lot can be accomplished and seen during a half-day tour to the Grand Canyon West Rim when you book MaxTour's Grand Canyon VIP Half-Day Tour. You’ll get to enjoy your trip in a small group where you skip the long lines and make the most in a shorter period of time–this will be the cherry on top of your Las Vegas vacation!



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