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Is It Worth Going to the Grand Canyon From Vegas?

Last Update on June 05, 2022
by Maxtour
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The trip between Vegas and the Grand Canyon is a common one, as the Grand Canyon is one of the world’s natural wonders, attracting millions of visitors every year. However, it’s far from Las Vegas–around a five-hour drive. Nevertheless, a Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tour is worth it, because it’ll get you out of the busy city to experience an incredibly unique outdoor experience. 

Why It’s Worth Going to the Grand Canyon National Park From Las Vegas

Breathtaking Grand Canyon Attractions

The Grand Canyon National Park provides many ways to explore the spectacular terrain. Here are some exciting Grand Canyon attractions that'll make this trip worth it:

  • Havasu Falls–the falls have crystal-clear water that cascades through Havasu Creek.
  • The Grand Canyon Skywalk–this U-shaped glass bridge allows you to experience unrivaled views as it hovers 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon.
  • The Grand Canyon Railway–this railway allows you to indulge in a nostalgic experience as you step into a piece of the past and experience the Canyon from a moving locomotive.
  • The Grand Canyon IMAX Theater–located in the Grand Canyon Visitor Center at the South Rim, you’ll marvel at the stunning scenery while sitting in the theater. 

These great attractions fit perfectly into a one-day trip itinerary while allowing you time to explore the canyon and make it back to Vegas in time for dinner. 

Nature Walks and Hiking Trails

Another reason a trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon is worthwhile is the stunning hiking pathways you’ll find at the South Rim and West Rim. Wondering which side of the Grand Canyon is best to visit? A few of the most amazing treks on both rims include:

  • The Kaibab Trail–this hiking trail starts at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and extends around the canyon, offering a 360-degree view of this unique natural attraction. This trail is perfect for those seeking to explore the area and take great photos.
  • The Bright Angel Trail–a fantastic choice for visitors looking to get a close-up view of the canyon. Here, you can explore the desert and spot local wildlife.
  • The Highpoint Hike–this hike is in the West Rim, and allows you to indulge in the most spectacular views you’ll experience while at the canyon–Guano Point. Here, you’ll also see remaining structures and historic equipment from past attempts to mine in the caves.

If you plan to hike at the Grand Canyon, wear the right shoes and carry enough water when exploring these hikes and trails. If you’re wanting to hike in warm but mild weather, consider visiting the Grand Canyon in May.

Convenience and Accessibility

The fantastic thing about the Grand Canyon for those vacationing or living in Vegas is that it’s only a short drive away, allowing you ample time to indulge in a remarkable experience. In just two-and-half hours, you can experience a wide range of spectacular attractions, restaurants, and photo opportunities on the West Rim. 

Although the South Rim is a long drive from Las Vegas, it’s worth visiting while in the area. Most of the attractions are available to visitors of all ages with affordable pricing. In addition, with many dining options available at the South Rim, it’s easier than ever to stop for snacks while on your trip to the Grand Canyon. 

Final Thoughts

Traveling to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is worth it, because you’ll experience a different atmosphere from the city while enjoying some of the most beautiful nature the country has to offer. From the many natural attractions to the stunning trails, visiting the canyon will add an exciting element to your vacation in Las Vegas. 



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