Can You Get To The Bottom Of The Grand Canyon In One Day?

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Grand Canyon, the deepest in the United States of America, is not a new name for anyone who is into traveling. There is no denying that it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and almost the most-visited adventure site in the United States of America, evident by over six million annual visitors. Enthusiastic hikers and visitors love hiking down the Bottom of the Grand Canyon in a day which is possible if you are strong enough to walk 8 – 10 miles. Hiking down and back may not be that simple an aim, which means you would be camping at the campgrounds at the Bottom, Bright Angel Campground and the Backcountry Camping being the most utilized areas. Grand Canyon is full of challenging yet fascinating trails where trekking and hiking remain dependent on multiple factors you must consider before planning the move.

Factors Affecting the Bottom-Hike into the Grand Canyon

How to Reach the Bottom? You can travel to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon by selecting any inner-canyon trails, hiking down by yourself, using a mule that may cost up to $500, or more adventurous tourists can raft down in the Colorado River to reach the Bottom of the Canyon. Most visitors do not know that you can also drive to the bottom of the Canyon, taking the Diamond Creek Road, which starts at Peach Springs, Arizona. It would help if you got a permit for this road trip as the route sits on the tribal land.

Depth of Grand Canyon. Most travelers love visiting the deep side of the Canyon located in Arizona, which can be experienced in the South Rim, Grand Canyon West, Grand Canyon East, and North Rim. Its deepest portion is over 6,000 feet deep, which is fifth in the ranking of global deepest canyons. The panoramic views from above and great natural rock formations and nature in the deep parts are eye-catching and entice you to re-visit.

Length of Trails in the Canyon. Reaching the Bottom of the Grand Canyon is no child’s play; you must be well trained and physically energetic for this mesmerizing hiking adventure. Reaching the Bottom depends upon which trail or route you have selected, e.g., the Bright Angel trail is 9.9 miles in length and South Kaibab 7.1 miles with steep gradients to encounter.

Reverse Hiking is extremely Demanding. The challenge starts after reaching the bottom when you have to hike back. It usually takes nine to ten hours to hike back for those who have been training and are regular adventurists; however, it is not suggested by the regular visitors to plan a day’s turnaround trip.

Annual Temperature & Selecting Best Time To Hike. Average summer temperature ranges from 10°C to 29°C and in winter from -8°C to 6°C. Spring and fall seasons are the best time to explore the depths of the Grand Canyon when the average day temperature is not more than 24°C. Most visitors hike into the Canyon during early spring (March-May) or fall (September – November) when the temperatures are bearable, and one can hike long distances. However, the South Rim is ideal to be explored during the winter months, and it would be possible to get to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon in one day.

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Are you really at the Bottom? Most visitors rightly believe that a day trip to the Bottom of the Canyon and back is neither suggested nor possible. By Bottom, we mean the 5000 feet deep point, not the erroneously known ‘West Rim,’ which does not exist.

How Much Time is Required to Reach the Bottom of the Canyon?

We must not mix the tourist attractions and the Bottom of the Grand Canyon. You may not be able to visit all the attractions in a week’s trip; however, with a little effort and courage, you can still reach the bottom of the Canyon. At the Bright Angel Trail (9.9 miles), you can reach the bottom comfortably in 8-10 hours while encountering mild gradients. But you will be facing challenging elevations at the South Kaibab Trail (7.1 miles), and it may take a little longer to reach the Bottom. Climbing back in both cases is not recommended.



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