The 5 Best Hikes at Red Rock Canyon If you’re in Las Vegas and you’d like to see a beautiful National Park and you don’t want to spend hours on the road,  Red Rock Canyon is the best place to go. This nearly 800 km2 Park is so popular that over 2 million visitors go

The Ultimate List of Las Vegas Natural Attractions Las Vegas has more national parks within a day’s drive than any other city in the United States. When you include state parks, National Recreation Areas, and Navajo Tribal parks, there is not another city in America that offers as many opportunities to get outdoors than Las

Bright lights, casinos, and extravagance of every variety – Las Vegas pulls out all the stops to guarantee you an epic getaway. But there’s more to this buzzing Nevada oasis than its trademark glitz and glamour. Surrounded by fascinating works of nature, Las Vegas has numerous day trip opportunities for travelers looking to stock up