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How Far Is Vegas From Antelope Canyon?

Last Update on July 10, 2022 by Maxtour
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If you're planning to take an Antelope Canyon tour from Vegas, you need to know how far you’ve got to go. In this article, we'll discuss how far Antelope Canyon is from Vegas, the different ways you can reach it, and the pros and cons of each route so you can make the best decision!

The distance from Vegas to Antelope is about 212 miles. If you're planning to drive, the journey will take you approximately four hours and fifty minutes. Of course, driving isn't the only way to get from Vegas to Antelope Canyon–you can also take a bus or a plane.

The Different Ways to Get to Antelope Canyon

To get to Antelope Canyon from Vegas, you can use the bus, the Amtrak Thruway, fly, or drive yourself. Let's discuss each option in more detail.

Taking the Bus From Vegas to Antelope Canyon

One option you have is to take a bus from Downtown Vegas to Antelope Canyon, which will take you approximately seventeen hours.

The bus will leave downtown Vegas and reach Flagstaff station in around eight hours. From Flagstaff, you'll take another bus, which will drop you at the Grand Canyon National Park Amtrak Bus Stop. This bus runs every four hours and the trip will take around two hours to complete.

Once you're at the Amtrak Bus Stop, you’re an eight-minute walk from the GC Village Bright Angel Lodge, where you'll find another bus to take you to Marble Canyon. This journey will take two hours, and once you're at Marble Canyon, you'll have to take a one-hour taxi ride to the Antelope Canyon.

Overall, this route can cost you anywhere between $250 and $370.

Taking the Amtrak Thruway

This route is similar to the first one, except that you'll use a train to get to Flagstaff. Your journey will begin with a bus to Kingman, Arizona from Downtown Las Vegas. This journey will take four hours. Once you're at Kingman, you'll take a three hour train to Flagstaff. From Flagstaff, you'll take the exact same steps as described above–the overall route will take you around sixteen hours to complete.

Driving From Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon

This is the most affordable and time-efficient way to explore Antelope Canyon. The journey will only take you around five hours and cost you only the price of fuel.

Flying From Las Vegas to Page

This is the final way to get to the Antelope Canyon from Vegas. You'll have to take a three hour flight from Vegas to Page, which can cost anywhere between $120 and $2500, depending on the season and how early you book your ticket. From Page, you can take a twenty-minute taxi ride to reach Antelope Canyon.

This might be a good way to save time, but it can cost you a lot if you don't manage to get a good deal on your flight ticket. Make sure to plan your trip well in advance if you want to save money.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of methods to get from Vegas to Antelope Canyon, but the best and most cost-effective ways are up to you and your group’s preferences and budget.

Before you make your way out into the wild, don’t forget to learn some fun facts about Antelope Canyon–you can also read our recent post on if Horseshoe Bend is open for tours for tips on another exciting destination that you can explore while visiting Antelope Canyon. 



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