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How Many Days Should You Spend at the Grand Canyon? 

Last Update on May 22, 2022 by Matthew Meier
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Carved out millions of years ago by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is–without a doubt,--one of the most significant places to visit; its size and scale are impossible to put into words. Therefore, it is important for you to know how many days you will need when planning your Grand Canyon tour to fully enjoy your trip.

The Grand Canyon is a unique, wonderful, and awe-inspiring site. Located in Arizona, it covers almost 2,000 square miles and consists of both the North and South Rim, along with the West Rim, where the Skywalk is located. However, the West Rim is found on the Hualapai Native American Reservation and is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park. With visitor numbers surpassing millions in recent years, the Grand Canyon is one of the most visited places in the United States today. It is also classified as a UNESCO Heritage Site, with its deep and appealing red walls carved over millions of years, showcasing vast geological history.

Let’s take a look at how many days you ought to spend in the Grand Canyon to enjoy some of its best features.

Amount of Time to Spend at the Grand Canyon

The amount of time you will spend at the Grand Canyon will largely depend on what you want to see and do on your trip or any Grand Canyon vacation ideas you may have. Some visitors prefer to stop by a couple of viewpoints, which means their trip may be over within a day. However, there are still more fantastic things to do at the Grand Canyon, so one should try spending a full day at the Park’s South Rim–or maybe two. if time allows.

One full day will give you time to explore some of the best viewpoints at the Grand Canyon, trek a portion of the Rim Trail, and catch a sunrise and sunset. If you decide to continue your trip for another day, you could descend into the Canyon while exploring part of the South Kaibab or Bright Angel Trails and enjoy a scenic drive along the well-known Desert View Drive.

With miles of trails and rim overlooks that reach down to the canyon floor, you should consider at least a two-day itinerary–this will help you determine which side of the Grand Canyon is best to visit. With a handy guide, you could kick things off on the South Rim, located within the Grand Canyon National Park, which is a common place for park goers to begin their visits.

Final Thoughts

The information provided above offers some insight into a few of the top things to do at the Grand Canyon. Because everyone has different priorities, it is recommended that you make plans for at least a two-day tour of the national park. This way, you will be able to enjoy yourself based on your needs and interests–be it exploring the area's geological history, going on a challenging hike, or engaging in family-friendly activities. The Grand Canyon has something to offer for every kind of person.


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