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Why Is Excalibur So Cheap?

Last Update on June 16, 2023
by Sunny Samaroo
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When it comes to Las Vegas, the city of extravagant shows and high-rolling casinos, you might wonder how some hotels can offer such remarkably affordable rates. Some catch you with deceptive resort fees, while others are genuinely wallet-friendly.

One establishment that often catches the eye of budget-conscious travelers is Excalibur Hotel. This castle-themed resort beckons visitors with its distinctive architecture and affordable prices. 

So, why is Excalibur so cheap? It's due to several factors, including location, rooms, and target audience. Let's dive into the reasons behind its affordability.

Excalibur's Location on the Strip

Location plays a crucial role in determining the price of hotels in Las Vegas. Excalibur is on the Las Vegas Strip, the most famous stretch in town. However, not all Strip hotels are created equal.

Some luxurious resorts command premium rates due to their prime spots along the Strip — in the central to north-central area where most of the must-see attractions are. 

On the other hand, Excalibur is located on the southern end of the 4-mile-long Strip. This is a con in terms of accessibility but a major pro in terms of affordability.

Its position, though not as central as other hotels, still allows guests relatively easy access to the heart of the action while providing them with more affordable accommodations. 

By embracing its location, Excalibur is able to offer attractive rates to both first-time visitors and seasoned Vegas enthusiasts. Also, since it's on the Strip, Excalibur is eligible for direct hotel pickup on our Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas.

View of Las Vegas Strip
The Strip is the busiest, brightest part of Las Vegas.

Room Variety and Value at Excalibur

Another contributing factor to Excalibur's affordability is its diverse range of room options. From standard rooms to spacious suites, this hotel caters to different budgets and preferences. One con to note is that the rooms tend to be quite dated. They have done some renovations, though.

The most basic rooms, which are what Excalibur is most popular for as a budget hotel, are really quite bare bones.

While the more basic rooms might lack some of the opulence found in pricier establishments, they still provide a comfortable and functional space for guests to unwind after a day of exploring the city. 

By offering a variety of rooms, including many at shockingly low prices, Excalibur ensures that there's something for everyone without breaking the bank. If luxury is what you want, though, look at Excalibur's higher-tier options or consider staying elsewhere.

Is Excalibur Family-Friendly?

In a city often associated with adult-oriented activities, Excalibur stands out as a family-friendly destination. The hotel features a medieval-themed arcade, a fun-filled pool area, and even a tournament of knights. 

By catering to families, Excalibur attracts a broader range of visitors, allowing them to offer competitive rates that accommodate both couples and families traveling with children. 

Plus, kids aren't cheap! Excalibur makes a great home base for families who know that fact all too well. 

Overall, Excalibur's family-friendly approach ensures that everyone can enjoy a taste of Vegas without straining their budgets.

Excalibur Entertainment Options

One of the reasons why visitors flock to Las Vegas is for the incredible entertainment options. Excalibur doesn't disappoint in this department. 

The hotel boasts a wide array of shows, including exciting tournaments, captivating magic acts, and thrilling performances. However, they may not be quite as extravagant as performances at more upscale hotels.

By having a variety of entertainment options within its premises, Excalibur enhances the overall guest experience. 

Additionally, the availability of shows within the hotel reduces the need for guests to spend extra on transportation or tickets, allowing them to enjoy an entertaining night without denting their wallets.

Excalibur Casino

Is there anything more strongly associated with Sin City than casinos? They're an integral part of the Las Vegas experience. With the income from their adjoining casinos, some Las Vegas hotels decide they can afford to charge more affordably when it comes to accommodation.

Excalibur is one such example. Excalibur's casino floor provides guests with ample opportunities for gaming excitement. From slot machines to table games, visitors can try their luck without having to leave the hotel premises.

View of Excalibur Hotel Casino
Excalibur's regal, medieval theme extends to its casino, too.

Excalibur Dining Options

The restaurants at Excalibur may not be earning any Michelin stars, but you can't exactly expect them to since that's not their intention. 

Rather, Excalibur offers a variety of dining options that cater to different tastes and budgets. From casual eateries to themed restaurants, guests can find affordable meals that still deliver on flavor and quality

If you're in the mood for some finer dining, explore options on the Strip or take the free tram to Excalibur's more upscale sister hotel, Mandalay Bay. This hotel has more luxurious dining options compared to Excalibur.
Other Affordable Alternatives to Excalibur

Though it's one of the best-known ones, Excalibur isn't the only affordable hotel in town! Here are a few other options to consider:

  • Circus Circus is similar to Excalibur in many ways. It's another themed, family-centric hotel. The rooms are nothing to write home about, but the attractions (including an indoor theme park) are quite nice.
  • The STRAT is located way up at the northern end of the Las Vegas Strip. It's a clean, modern hotel with spacious rooms but not many frills — most of the focus is put on the adjoining casino.
  • Luxor isn't a budget hotel like Excalibur but still falls within the range of being fairly affordable. For the extra money you pay, you get an overall better experience with nicer rooms, restaurants, and amenities.
View of Circus Circus Hotel Casino
Circus Circus' name is quite literal — it's a circus-themed hotel.

The Bottom Line

If you want to live like a king in Las Vegas, Excalibur might just be the castle you're searching for. If savings are what you value, though, stake your claim on one of the many rooms in its kingdom.

Though it's not the absolute best hotel in Las Vegas, Excalibur Hotel stands as a testament to the fact that affordable yet amazing accommodations can be found in Sin City.

All in all, Excalibur leverages its location, features a range of room options, provides entertainment for all ages, has a casino, and offers diverse dining choices. 

Excalibur caters to budget-conscious travelers without compromising on the Vegas experience. If you've been on the lookout for an affordable Las Vegas Strip hotel, your search is over!


Sunny Samaroo

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